Making the Most of Waiting…

Posted by on December 30, 2015

Saturday night, in the wee hours of the morning, the wind picked up and we rocked the remainder of the night.  Needless to say sleep was a fleeting thing…it came and went as I tend to be a bit paranoid when it comes to wind.  At 6:30 am I got up and brought the really big slide (kitchen & entertainment center) in as I was concerned about the slide awning being ripped off.

The wind continued throughout the day and into Sunday night.  The wind was joined by rain in the early afternoon on Saturday and continued off and on throughout the afternoon.  We’d had a high of 87 on Saturday but Sunday’s high wasn’t much more than 40…a huge difference…especially with the wind whipping at 25-30 mph.

Monday marked 3 weeks here in the yard….waiting.  Our neighbor on the off door side of the coach pulled out this morning.  He will be filling in for Jw & Wanda at their gate while they go on vacation. The company man called and requested that he fill in, which is nice.  Lupe was on a gate just down the road from us at our last gate and was released at the same time we were…he’d been at that gate for 5 months.

2 brand new arms for the brand new hitch plate!

2 brand new arms for the brand new hitch plate!

We’re still next in line for a gate….if AND when one ever opens!  Actually it’s a good thing a gate hasn’t opened since we still don’t have a hitch in the truck.  We’ve been waiting for the replacement arm to arrive so that Michael and put it on the hitch plate, finish installing the hitch plate and finally get the hitch installed in the bed of the truck.

Bringing the hitch around...

Bringing the hitch around…

UPS delivered the replacement ‘arms’ for the hitch plate on Monday.  They sent two since they are ‘side specific’ and didn’t know which one we actually needed.  Now Michael has an extra, ‘just in case’.  He had no problem getting the new arm installed and then was able to get the entire plate installed into the bed of the truck with just a little adjustment to one of the nuts.

Guiding the hitch into the bed of the truck

Guiding the hitch into the bed of the truck

On Wednesday, Shawn had time to help Michael get the hitch back into the bed of the truck.  Easy peasy when a little forklift is involved.  Michael had a strap wrapped around the hitch and Shawn just picked up the hitch by the strap using the forklift.  While Michael guided the hitch into the back of the truck, Shawn slowly moved the forklift forward.  Then it was just a matter of Michael guiding the hitch into the correct place while Shawn lowered it.  It was done in less than 5 minutes!   Awesome stuff.  So now we’re ready when that elusive gate opens up!!

Easy does it...

Easy does it…

You might remember that Michael had a sleep study done back at the end of October.  We hadn’t gotten any results so Michael called the office of the doctor who requested it and they hadn’t heard anything either so they suggested he call the clinic where the study was done.  Michael then tried the sleep lab and was told it could take 3 to 4 MONTHS to get the results….can you believe that???  I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you deal with the VA.  Wow!  Sure am glad he doesn’t have a life or death sleep condition.

Check out all that yumminess just sitting there going bad!

Check out all that yumminess just sitting there going bad!

As we drive around the area we see trees loaded with either oranges or lemons.  We saw this when we were down in Mission of few years ago too.  It kills me that all that luscious fruit goes unused and neglected.  What is wrong with these people!?!?

That's one BIG chicken fried steak!

That’s one BIG chicken fried steak!

We went back to Andy’s Restaurant for lunch and were, once again, very happy with our meals.  Since we had breakfast last time we were there we had completely different meals this time – chicken fried steak for Michael and hamburger steak for me.  Everything was very flavorful and we’d certainly go back.

Hamburger steak stuffed with cheese, onions & jalapenos

Hamburger steak stuffed with cheese, onions & jalapenos

One of the highlights of Andy’s is the waitress we had both times…Margie.  Margie will be 83 on March 16th, has 7 children and everything comes in 2s for her – she was born in ’33 (double 3s), she has 2 children born on the 10th of a month, 2 children born on the 17th of a month, 2 born in August….etc, etc, etc.  She’s just sweet as can be and reminds me quite a bit of Lucy, my ceramics mentor as they both have such a different speech pattern it’s quite hard to understand what they’re saying!


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