The Time Has Come…

Posted by on December 13, 2015

While we were on our last gate Michael noticed the truck acting strangely and got a ‘wrench’ on the dashboard.  On the way to Carrizo Springs the strangeness continued…hard to explain but kind of like the truck was trying to change gears but having troubles doing so.

We knew that the truck was due for an oil change so that’s why we had that done earlier in the week and also had the air filters changed.  Having that done removed the ‘wrench’ but the ‘revving/racing’ or whatever you want to call it continued.

After talking to several people it sounded like we had a costly issue going on…anywhere from $1800 to $7000 since our warranty ran out the end of October…of course!

After some discussion we decided it was best to look for a new truck rather than put money into the current truck.

Thursday 12/10

We drove over to Eagle Pass (west Texas border town) and spent the majority of the day at Ancira Ford. Michael was in the market for an F450 (better turning radius, better gas mileage, better towing) and they only had 1 and it was all black…black exterior, black interior which Michael wasn’t fond of.  After a little searching they found what he was looking for – Pearl white with lighter interior, sunroof, platinum package etc.  It was located in Kingsville about 200 miles southeast.

The dealership made arrangements to have the truck brought to Eagle Pass and told us they’d have it washed, mud flaps added and heavy-duty floor mats included and it would be ready the following day.

On our way home we stopped back at the gate that we ‘think’ we’ll be getting once it opens to see if we’d have internet using our booster and it worked great!  Having reliable internet while on a gate is a huge help as it’s our biggest means of entertainment and communication with our kids.


Friday 12/11



While we waited for a call from the dealership Michael went ahead and removed the 5th wheel hitch from the truck.  Since the hitch weights about 300 pounds he recruited Shawn to help.  Shawn brought a forklift over and they had it out and on a pallet in no time.  Now we have to order a ‘hitch plate’ of some sort so that we can get the hitch reinstalled into the new truck.

Thank goodness for forklifts!

Thank goodness for forklifts!

We also the insurance switched over to new truck.  Our old policy was with Foremost and they no longer write a policy for truck and 5th wheel together so we had to go with a new company/policy – National General….no biggie.

Finally got a call about 2:00 pm that we could come over and complete the paperwork on the truck so we drove over to Eagle Pass.  The truck wasn’t there yet so we ended up waiting around for quite a while as the paperwork wasn’t ready either.  About 5:00 pm it was established that the truck wouldn’t be there for several hours yet and that we should just take the old truck home and they would deliver the truck to us in Carrizo Springs the following day.

Since it was getting late we ended up grabbing dinner at Sonic before heading back to Carrizo.  We each got a corn dog, footlong chili cheese dog (minus the chili for me) and an order of tots.  Kinda felt like we were on a Friday night date at the drive-in….romantic!

Saturday 12/12

We got a call about 9:30 am from the salesman asking if we were good to meet him about 1:00 or 2;00 pm to make the vehicle exchange.  He was supposed to give us a call when he left Eagle Pass so that we knew when to meet him.  He finally called about 2:30 pm and they were still working on getting the mudflaps installed.

There she is....

There she is….

Finally about 4:00 pm he called and Michael agreed to meet him at the Border Patrol Checkpoint.  Since I was enjoying a ‘jammie’ day Michael went by himself to pick up his new baby.  Michael got back just a few minutes after 5:00 pm with the new truck.

Sometime in the future we’ll need to have a spray-in bed liner, fuel/tool box and a tonneau cover added but for now we’ll make do without those things.  Sadly we lost 1500+ songs that we’d added to the jukebox on the Sync system.

Michael forgot to remove the tire pressure monitor thingie from the spare tire on the old truck so we’ll need to make a trip to Eagle Pass in the next day or two get it.  We’ll also have to go back to pick up the heavy-duty floor mats that Michael had them throw into the deal.  They had to order them so when they’re in we’ll (or he’ll if we have a gate ) take another ride over to pick them up.

Border Patrol Checkpoint

Border Patrol Checkpoint

It’s very easy to see how close we are to the Mexican border here as we see LOTS of border patrol vehicles riding around…something we’re not very familiar with.


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