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Posted by on December 10, 2015

Tuesday 12/8

We drove over to Dilley to pick up a piece of mail that was waiting for us at the Dilley Drugstore.  I had planned to pick it up when I went into town on my shopping trip on Monday but…well….plans change and we ended up moving on Monday so we went today.

Rosa's - don't be put off by the exterior

Rosa’s – don’t be put off by the exterior

Afterward we went around the corner to Rosa’s Hamburger Stand and enjoyed a really good bacon cheeseburger made with freshly made patties and fresh toppings – mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.  We shared an order of fries and were both happy with our meal.  It’s hard to find a ‘good’ burger and this place has one.



Our last stop in Dilley was ‘just around the corner’…again…so that Michael could get a haircut as he was starting to looking pretty haggard again.  I thought that hair was supposed to thin out as we grow older….neither Michael or I seem to have that problem!

Who knew?!?!

Who knew?!?!

On the drive between Dilley and Carrizo Springs I was surprised to see a field of pumpkins growing…and right beside that…a field of watermelon…and beside that….gourds!  A strange sight for this Wisconsin girl in December!

Back in Carrizo Springs we stopped at the post office to inquire about General Delivery.  We found that we’d have no problems having our mail sent there and they would hold it for 30 days before returning it. Not a problem as we pick up mail whenever we go to town which at most is every 2 weeks.

We’d checked with Shawn about having UPS (and other carriers) sent to the GGS office here in Carrizo and were told that that was fine.  So we’re all set for mail/package delivery while we’re in this area.

Our last stop was at Ziggy’s Express Lube.  The owner was a very friendly man who changed the oil, topped off all the other fluids, blew out the air filter and washed the windows and headlights on the truck for just over $100.  Not bad for a diesel.  I think Michael plans to go back and have him change the two fuel filters, as well.

Wednesday 12/9

After breakfast Michael headed out to give the truck a GOOD wash.  The spray down he did on Monday might have taken off the mud but it still needed a good scrub.  He even went as far as to clean the engine as it was covered in mud from ‘that darned road’!

While he was out he also went back over to Ziggy’s and had them replace the fuel filters on the truck.

I stayed home so that I could do a few chores around the house without him getting in the way.  I did a little laundry, cleaned the bathroom sink, cut up a cantaloupe and stored in the fridge, paid a bill and made a batch of brownies.

Kim's Kitchen - can't be afraid to try the little 'hole in the walls'!

Kim’s Kitchen – can’t be afraid to try the little ‘hole in the walls’!

Michael picked me up when he was done with his chores and we headed back into town to pick up s some lunch.  Michael picked up some chicken strips and a corn dog from Sonic and I got Chinese from a little dinky shack.  I ordered chicken lo mein and it was pretty good with a good variety of veggies in it – onions, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, bok choy but I would have loved more of the veggies.  The egg rolls were very good – Michael even had several bites and he doesn’t like egg rolls.

Pretty darn good Chinese food deep in the heart of south Texas!

Pretty darn good Chinese food deep in the heart of south Texas!

We at our lunch in the parking lot and after we were done we took a ride to check out where the gate we might possibly get in the next few days is located.  The location is roughly 20 miles northwest of Carrizo Springs but it’s paved roads all they way…which is a BIG plus.

Will it or won't it be our next gate??

Will it or won’t it be our next gate??

It’s a big ranch with an electronic gate that uses a remote to open and close.  We still don’t know when the gate will open, for how long it will need to be manned or what will be going on…but we’ll take what we can get.

This location will put us about 24 miles from the Mexican border – as the crow flies.  In fact, there is a Border Patrol Checkpoint on US 277 just 4 1/4 miles past where we turn off on FM 393 to go to the gate.

Only time will tell.





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