The Time Has Come

Posted by on December 6, 2015

Just getting started! You can still see where the glue used to be that held up the old backsplash

Woohoo!  After a year and a half we finally have a back splash again!  Can’t say that I don’t have a timely husband!  <Insert eye roll>

Moving right along....

Moving right along….

The back splash that came with the coach was made of glass and worked great…until…we left the coach parked at Michael’s mom’s house for 2 months in the summer.  Well with no air conditioning in the coach it got a bit hot and the back splash melted right off the wall and broke!  So we’ve been without ever since.  You can read about that experience HERE.

Finished! LOVE it!

Finished! LOVE it!

We’ve had a lot of friends that have used ‘Smart Tiles‘ and had success with them so we picked some up a while back and I guess I finally nagged Michael enough and he installed them today!  It was a pretty easy project and it looks SO awesome!  Michael also plans to apply them to the wall behind the bathroom sink too!

Cam and Paityn checking out their goodies from St. Nick!

Cam and Paityn checking out their goodies from St. Nick!

With the holiday season upon us I was happy to see that St. Nicholas visited our grandchildren on the night of December 5th making very happy grandbabies when they woke up on the 6th to find that their stockings had been filled.

Ben & Alex got lots of goodies too...even Zoe's stocking was filled!

Ben & Alex got lots of goodies too…even Zoe’s stocking was filled!

Celebrating St. Nick on December 6th is a German tradition and since I grew up in Milwaukee which has a large German population it was always celebrated in our home.  I continued that tradition with our boys and I’m so glad to see that they are continuing it with their children.

Got a call from our service tech this afternoon….gate is closing tomorrow.  Bummer….drag…  🙁 Fortunately, Sean has room for us in the yard in Carrizo Springs and said that he should have a gate for us within a week as there is a new gate opening up and they want a couple…the only person ahead of us is a single man.  So we’ll take advantage of having a few days off – sleep late, have Jammie days, go out for dinner together and just enjoy not hearing a bell!

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