Cowpokes Vs Shoot the Bull

Posted by on December 3, 2015

Tuesday 12/1

Michael took the totes out of basement in an effort to rearrange them as he didn’t like the new configuration he put together while we were at Dan and Amanda’s home this summer.

20151201_125716With all the totes were out it was easy to take out the Christmas decorations and put away the fall/Thanksgiving decorations.  We don’t have a lot of decorations left…just a few…mostly ceramics I made while we were living in Alabama.

It was also time to put away the tower fan that we keep in the living area of the coach, and bring out the tower heater.  Nights are starting to get cooler and cooler.  We’ve been running the fireplace more and more and would rather use the space heater as it would be cheaper/easier to replace if it were to break down.

Lastly, I pulled out a few of my ‘fall/winter’ clothes and packed away some of my warm weather clothes. Easily done now that we are each down to 1 tote of ‘seasonal’ clothing in the basement.

The front half is missing...

The front half is missing…

Ryan (bulldozer operator) was kind enough to chop a rattlesnake in half (with the bulldozer) just 40 feet or so away from the back of the coach.  We’ve been SO lucky since we’ve started gate guarding not to have come across any snakes and I was hoping we never would….unfortunately that didn’t happen!

Wednesday 12/2

We had several packages waiting for us to pick up at the Dilley Drugstore and also at the post office in Pearsall, so Michael made the trip into town to pick up the packages and run a few errands while he was at it.

It’s an unwritten rule that if someone goes to town they bring lunch/dinner back with them and Michael didn’t shirk his responsibilities.  He ended up bring brisket & ribs home from Cowpokes BBQ which we’ll have for dinner tomorrow and probably will have enough left for lunch the next day.

He also brought a pizza from Little Caesars so that we’d have lupper for today.  I was really surprised at how good this pizza was…the toppings (ham, beef, green pepper, onion and double cheese) were plentiful and the crust was excellent.  Thankfully, we have lots left over for future meals!

Thursday 12/3

I was extra tired for some reason so I went to bed earlier than normal last night…that coupled with the fact that we had an incredibly quiet night provided for a really good nights sleep.

I was up at my normal 5:00 am and enjoyed the peace and quiet until just about 6:00 am when the first oil truck came in.  I really enjoy the hour of ‘me time’!

Want the recipe? Click the blue 'banana bread' wording.

Want the recipe? Click the blue ‘banana bread’ wording.

By 8:00 am I was making a batch of banana bread…I picked up some disposable mini loaf pans and got 4 loaves out of the recipe.  I wrapped 2 loaves up and gave one to each of the guys that live here on site with us.

One of the items that came in the packages that Michael picked up in Dilley yesterday was an 18 inch Christmas tree!  We haven’t had a tree since we began full timing…except for the year we had one of the little live trees.  I picked up a small set of lights when I went shopping last time and Michael picked up some itty bitty tiny ornaments yesterday while he was in town.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Along with the tree I put out our stockings, a couple of ceramic items I made and a small ‘Merry Christmas’ sign.  I even convinced Michael to hang a string of lights around our dining room window! Ahhh….I love the glow of Christmas lights!

I heated up the brisket and ribs Michael picked up yesterday for dinner today.  Wasn’t bad…but we both agreed that the bbq that we got from Shoot the Bull BBQ in Dilley was better.  Whatever the case it made for a nice easy dinner after I made some macaroni & cheese and corn.

We are currently here on site all by ourselves and loving it!  Gonna watch a TV show and enjoy it!



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