I’ll Fly Away….

Posted by on November 25, 2015

What an awesome weekend we had!  So very nice and quiet.  Both of the company guys were gone most of the weekend which meant no traffic in to see them and since they come and go quite a bit we didn’t’ have any of that either.

Traffic was so light that we got caught up on sleep and even binge watched a TV show that I recorded on the DVR last spring – Big Crazy Family Adventure on the Travel Channel.  We ended up finishing the last episode on Tuesday…really, really enjoyed the series.

However, it was easy to tell that the weekend was over come 6:30 am Monday morning when guys started trickling in for various projects.  The ‘earth movers’ were back.  The swabbing crew was back.  The oil ‘mover’ truck was back.  Then of course there were the oil trucks, water trucks, guager, company men…etc.

Sunday afternoon our fellow gate guard and neighbor, Jw, stopped by on his way into Dilley to see if we would like him to bring us back a couple of Blizzards from Dairy Queen….well…yeeaahhh!  It was an awesome treat and much appreciated.

Does a mama's heart good to see all her babies together in one place.

Does a mama’s heart good to see all her babies together in one place.

Our oldest son, Zack, and his family flew to Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving holiday and are spending the first few days with our youngest son, Dan, and his family as well as visiting family and friends in the area before moving on to another ‘hostel’.

I’ve always worried that ‘my boys’ wouldn’t be close or spend time together if I wasn’t around to ‘push’ them.  I love that even though we’re not there….they’re spending time together…giving the grandbabies (cousins) time with each other as they all love each other so much.  Ahhh….

Monday 11/23

Monday was the day I’d been waiting for for quite some time….I got to fly the coop!  After 18 days I finally ventured out and drove into Pearsall (not quite 30 miles away) to do some grocery shopping, stop at the post office and pick up some lunch/dinner to bring home.

Donut Palace! Yay!

Donut Palace! Yay!

My first stop was to be Walmart but as I drove up I saw that there was a Donut Palace right next door and decided to pick up a couple of kolaches and a couple of donuts to enjoy for breakfast over the next couple of mornings.  We were first introduced to kolaches when we were on a gate in the spring of 2014. One of our guys brought a couple for us to try and we were hooked.  We like the jalapeno & cheese ones best!

After picking up the kolaches & donuts I went next door to the very tiny Walmart to pick up a few items. The store is one of (if not the) smallest Wal-Mart’s I’ve been in.  However, I was pretty surprised at the selection of items they offered.

From Walmart I drove to the post office to check and see if we’d had any mail come general delivery.  I didn’t think we would have but Michael was hoping for an ordered he’d placed.  We’re able to use a general delivery address for 30 days…which is better than nothing.  Today there was nothing for us.

Garcia's downtown Pearsall

Garcia’s downtown Pearsall

Next was a stop at Garcia’s to pick up dinner.  I placed an order for chicken fried steak and one for the cheesy jalapeno hamburger steak which I reheated for dinner that evening.  I re-crisped the chicken fried steak and fries in some oil and they were very good as was my hamburger steak.  I had to make a little more white gravy to go with the meal but that was easy enough.  Turned out to be a good meal but a bit on the expensive side.

Full too the brim!

Full to the brim!

From Garcia’s I went to HEB to finish up my grocery shopping. The HEB is on the newer side and well stocked with a nice selection.  I was able to find everything on my list and even a few things that weren’t on my list!

Before leaving Pearsall I stopped at Subway and picked up a couple of sandwiches that would provide lunch for the next couple of days.  With that done…I now had breakfasts, lunches and dinner covered for the next couple of days!  Woohoo!  Can you say, ‘cooking vacation’??

Tuesday 11/24

Swabbing unit doing it's thing

Swabbing unit doing it’s thing

The swabbing unit (cleans out the well/pipes) moved to a new well and has now swabbed all wells but one (there are 5 wells here).  At the end of the day they still weren’t finished so they’ll be back again Wednesday morning.

The Heater treater came in again today…all day long.  You’ll remember that this truck cycles the oil through a heating element and heats the oil up so that the water ‘falls off’ leaving the oil with less water content which is what is desired.

2 oil trucks left with no water because the water content was too high….which means that the oil is too thick/cold for the water to release from it.  Could be job security for us!

The inner skylight cover...pretty nasty

The inner skylight cover…pretty nasty

Michael took down the bathroom skylight so that he could clean it as it was starting to look pretty icky. Every little project helps.  It helps break up the days and also helps keep the coach well maintained.

Now just the outer skylight cover is in place

Now just the outer skylight cover is in place

It’s amazing to me how the closed in area on the top of the inner skylight and under the outer skylight could get so yucky with bugs, dust, sawdust and other miscellaneous yuck.  But now after Michael cleaned it and it’s back in place I can see a BIG difference in the quality of light coming through the skylight.

Filling up our 'lifeline' trailers so that we're good to go for another 2 weeks or so!

Filling up our ‘lifeline’ trailers so that we’re good to go for another 2 weeks or so!

Sean, our service tech, came by and filled our water and diesel and now we’re good again for another 2 weeks….let’s just hope that this gate lasts much longer than that as we still have no idea of how long we’ll be needed here.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they need us right up until it’s time for us to leave the oil patch in mid-April!?!!

Not sure what to expect over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m sure we’ll have some traffic…but we’re thinking it will be pretty slow.  Don’t know if the company man or the operations manager will go home for the holiday (one lives near Fort Worth and the other just west of San Antonio) or if they’ll be sticking around here.  We’ll just have to wait and see…

Wishing you all the very best Thanksgiving – spent with family and friends.

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