Arrr Me Matey, Swab the Deck….errr…Well!

Posted by on November 21, 2015

Tuesday 11/17

The swabbing unit doing it's thing

The swabbing unit doing it’s thing

Busy day for us!  At one point we had 15 vehicles/21 people on site!  We had a crew of guys here to pressure wash the separators, another crew here with a swabbing unit, oil trucks, water trucks, a forklift picking up odds and ends around the pad, a little bobcat flitting here and there and several guagers and other personnel here to work on this or that….even a safety guy!

The swabbing unit I mentioned above was here to work on one of the wells that isn’t working like it should be.  The swabbing unit cleans out the well/pipes/valves/etc to allow the oil to flow freely. They worked all day and even came back the following morning to finish the job.  Hopefully this will help everything once and for all.

Wednesday 11/18

The hub-bub continued today.  The swabbing crew was back in about 8:00 am.  A couple of guys were here to try to figure out why the ‘heater treaters’ aren’t doing the job they’re supposed to and a couple of guys were here with a bulldozer and excavator to work on filling in ‘the pit’.

Working as a team to get 'the pit' filled in

Working as a team to get ‘the pit’ filled in

The pit is an approximate 30 foot by 100 foot trench behind the pad that was used to catch any spills or run off water during the drilling and completion process.  There are 2 huge mountains of dirt that will need to go back into the hole fill it up.  I’m told that it will take a while to fill in as they’ll fill it partially and then wait a few weeks to let everything settle and then go back and fill it some more.

By the time they all left it sounded like everything had been ‘fixed’…now we wait and see, I guess.

Today was our 14th day on this gate and also payday….we got paid for the first 11 days on the gate as the pay period ended on Sunday.  Ahhhh….nice to see that money roll in.

Thursday 11/19

I am told that part of the issues with ‘retrieving’ the oil is that it’s a bit thicker than normal and now that the weather is getting cooler that makes things even worse.  To help move things along a ‘hot oiler’ truck came in this morning.  My understanding is that the oil will be circulated through the truck to warm it up and make the ‘flow’ much smoother.  It sounds like the truck will come in periodically to keep things flowing as they should.

The 2 guys working on filling in the big drainage ditch were back first thing this morning too and got right to work pushing dirt around.

The last couple of days have been busier than normal – averages 131 vehicles per day.  But today was more quiet (about 100 vehicles)….just the way we like.  The quieter day gave us a chance to get some household chores done – dusting, bathroom cleaning, bill paying, etc.

Yum! You gotta try this one!

Yum! You gotta try this one!

Tried another new recipe for today’s dinner – Roast Beef Manhattan‘s.  You may know them as open-faced sandwiches, hot roast beef sandwich or something different.  Whatever you call it I’m sure you consider it comfort food.  The recipe can’t get much easier and the result was wonderful!  A definite do-again…and again….and again.  Give it a try to let me know what you think.

Friday 11/20

Thursday night traffic was much busier than we’re used to with water trucks and oil trucks coming and going.  We normally only have a couple of water trucks as oil trucks usually only run 6:00 am to 6:00. Perhaps now that the oil seems to be flowing more freely they’re making up for lost time.

Traffic continued to dwindle with just 81 vehicles throughout the day.  I suspect that that number will drop over the next couple of days due to the weekend…it usually does.

My morning view...most mornings.  You can see the rig toward the right hand side of the picture.

My morning view…most mornings. You can see the rig toward the right hand side of the picture.

We heard today that the yard in Whitsett is now closed.  In other words there will be no more parking there while waiting for a gate.  Hmmmm  not sure how that will play out.  If they have no one waiting in the wings when a gate opens up they’re gonna have a tough time getting someone there quickly as many times when an oil company wants a gate guard they want it NOW.

That’s how we ended up with this gate.  The yard near here had people in it but they were all out doing things and not available so Sean call our yard and we were the first ones available…and we were third in line!  The good Lord provides.

I am happy to report that our bell is finally working as it should.  As you might remember, with Michael’s hearing issues we have to have the bell in the house (covered with a towel to dull the sound some) so that Michael can actually hear it.  He brings the hose in through the slide and that was where the issue lied….the hose was being pinched just a wee bit and with a little adjusting and tweaking it now works perfect!




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