A Dilley of a Day!

Posted by on November 16, 2015

We’ve learned that each of the oil companies do things differently as we’ve worked with about 6 different oil companies since we started gate guarding in January 2014.  Most of the company men we’ve dealt with work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  But here it seems that the ‘big guy’ that lives here on the pad doesn’t take any time off and the production company man who lives here has the weekends off…if that’s normal or not…I don’t know.  Just interesting to see the differences from company to company.

Our bell issues have improved somewhat….but not entirely.  Saturday morning, Shawn, our service tech dropped off some hose for the bell that is a little newer and Michael will try switching that out and see if that does the trick.

I tried another new recipe for dinner on Saturday.  This was for Beef Barley Soup and it turned out very good.  Great flavor, hearty and a nice sized batch so that I was able to freeze 2 more meals for future use!

Sunday night was a great night for sleeping!  We didn’t have a single truck come through the gate after 9:13 pm and the first one Monday morning was at 5:31 am.  The traffic continues to be very manageable.

The problems with the oil having too much water content seem to be slowly improving as I haven’t had any trucks leave without a load for several days now.  Maybe they’ve gotten all the dials and gauges set right and the separation process will go much smoother now.  Only time will tell.

When we left Whitsett we had some mail and packages on their way to our mailbox in Kenedy that we had to find a way to get everything over this way.  Driving over to pick it up was a last resort as it is about 120 miles ONE way!

Little tiny Dilley Drugstore

Little tiny Dilley Drugstore

Thankfully, Michael did some research and found that the Dilley Drug Store is an authorized agent for UPS and we were able to have everything sent there.  They called us on Friday to let us know that everything had arrived and Michael drove into town this morning to pick it up.

Nice sized place

Nice sized place

On the way back home Michael stopped in Pearsall where there is a Walmart (he just wanted to check out their offerings) and a HEB (needed a few items to tide us over til next week when I plan to do a grocery run).  Plus there are several other businesses that can be useful as well as lots of restaurants that we might try if we’re here long enough.

Church's & Subway!

Church’s & Subway!

Speaking of restaurants…today Michael stopped at Church’s as his last stop of the day and brought some fried chicken home for lunch.  We ordered their spicy version along with the typical sides (mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits and cole slaw).

Unfortunately, we didn’t receive spicy chicken and neither of us were impressed (not the first time) with the quality of their food.  We’ll be trying somewhere else next time.

While Michael was off running errands I did some chores around the house:  swept the floor and then washed it down.  The fine layer of dust doesn’t take long to accumulate even after sweeping.  I also washed several loads of laundry.  I should probably dust again but, gee, I gotta leave something for tomorrow or I’ll be bored!  😉

Erosion needing to be fixed

Erosion needing to be fixed

But the highlight of my day was watching the guys fix the road just inside our gate.  Rain had taken its toll and the road was starting to wash out leaving the potential for vehicles to fall into a pretty deep ‘ravine’.  One good rain and we’d have really had a big gully to contend with.

Much better!

Much better!

I’m fascinated by the simplest things.  LOL  I watched them bring the gravel/dirt, dump it and then go over it with a grader to push it all around to the right spot so that the pneumatic roller could come through and tamp it all down.  Looks much better now and is much safer for the drivers.

You can just barely see the rig near the center of the picture.

You can just barely see the rig near the center of the picture.

We finally noticed that we have a new neighbor across the road…off in the distance…a drilling rig.  We new it was coming as we know the gate guards that are manning that gate but neither of us noticed when the rig actually went up….could have been several days ago for all we know.  However, this is the first morning that I’ve seen the lights for the rig too…but then again I wasn’t looking for them before either. There’s always something comforting about seeing the lights of a drilling rig.


2 Responses to A Dilley of a Day!

  1. Jan Spaulding

    Did they ever get the new WalMart up in Pearsall? The one that was there when we were had to be one of the smallest ever. The HEB was new and great and they have one of the best Laundromats we ever found.

    • Kelly

      Not sure if the Walmart is new or not but it’s small. I used to work at a little tiny Walmart so I don’t know that I’d be surprised at how small this one is! Michael said the HEB was nice (I’ll judge next week 😉 and we have a washer and dryer on board so I don’t normally need a laundromat but will keep that in mind if/when I do!

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