Well That Was a Surprise!

Posted by on November 5, 2015

Just before noon today we got a knock on the door and it was our neighbor, Len.  He’d gotten a phone call from Sean, the supervisor over in the Carrizo Springs area, and he was looking for someone to take a gate.  Len couldn’t take it because his sub won’t travel that far and they have a vacation coming up and he told us if we were interested we should give Sean a call.

Michael called Sean and got a little more information, not much though as he didn’t know much about what was going to be going on at the gate.  He did say that they’d been servicing the gate off and on for about a year and had just closed the gate about 10 days prior after going through flowback.

Heading down to Timbuktu

Heading down to Timbuktu

We drove 101 miles west from the Whitsett yard the last 8 miles or so was a dirt road but not as bad as last years ‘War Zone Road’ but still kinda icky in places.  We are about 22 miles northwest of Dilley, Texas.

We arrived at our gate about 4:15 pm and our Facebook friend, JW, was here covering the gate until we arrived.  JW and his wife are just down the road from us on another gate.   Here we log the vehicles in via a Samsung tablet so he showed us how to get that done, gave us some contact numbers and hung around until we were pretty well set up.

Eek....watch out for that pothole!

Eek….watch out for that pothole!

Shortly after JW left the guy in charge came in and we were able to get a little information from him…that being that we’d probably be here a couple of months and that most of the traffic would be water and oil trucks coming and going as this is a production site – meaning that they’ve already done the drilling, fracing etc and the wells are now producing oil.  Sales calls are not allowed unless they have an appointment.  We may have a few other vehicles come into the office or to service the office but that’s about it.

The road just seems to keep on going and going and going...

The road just seems to keep on going and going and going…

We are parked directly on the paid, right across from the trailer house where the 2 consultants live and work.  The pad is completely fenced and we’re within that fence.

We’re told that the road we are on is a ‘major thoroughfare’ for ‘illegal’ traffic coming from Mexico…so that could be interesting.  However, we were also told that there’s never been any problem and that border patrol patrols the road regularly.

Our Verizon phones don’t have any service but with the internet booster we have internet.  Michael will most likely put up our booster antenna and we should have even better internet.  We have an AT&T phone that we’ll have to get some minutes added to which will give us phone access in case we need it.

Now just to get settled in and get into a routine.  We’re not sure yet how we’re going to handle ‘shifts’ etc. We’ll have to see what the traffic is like and go from there.

One last thing…our daughter in law, Kelsea, had right arm Cubital Tunnel surgery today.  The surgery went well and she is home now.  She’s dealing with nausea and pain and could use some prayers for comfort and a smooth, quick recovery.

4 Responses to Well That Was a Surprise!

  1. Sally

    Glad u guys got a gate…..be safe out there in the boonies! Prayers for safety & for Kelsea!

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Sally! Are you and Roy staying home this winter?

      • Roy

        I’ll answer for her. She made the decision for us to stay home. I can’t understand it, something about her first grand baby being born the first of Jan. She always wanted a girl, & grand baby # 1 will be a girl!

        • Kelly

          That’s right! How could I forget!! I’d say it was a very wise decision on her part!

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