Low Fuel Prices Means Out of Work Gate Guards

Posted by on November 3, 2015

Monday 11/2

Michael spent a little time this morning cleaning underneath the overhang and the front cap of the coach.  Both areas get dirty when we travel.  The under part of the overhang collects road dirt/mud from the back tires of the truck and the front cap gets the splatter of bugs.

Our neighbor, Mary, was sweet enough to bake banana bread this morning and bring us a small loaf.  A very pleasant and welcome surprise for sure!

Just before noon we drove over to Kenedy via highway 99 to pick up our mail from the UPS Store.  We’d be warned that 99 was under construction and advised that we should go a different way (12 miles further) but Michael decided to see for himself how bad the road was and if it was as bad as we were told we’d come home the other way.

Down to one lane

Down to one lane

We found that the construction wasn’t as bad as what we’d been told.  The stretch of 99 between I37 and US 181 is about 29 miles long and there are 2 different stretches of construction for a total of 3 miles.  Granted the road is down to dirt and one lane so it was pretty dusty and could be pretty muddy if it were rainy but we had no issues.  On the way to Kenedy we had to wait about a total of 10 minutes between the 2 areas while traffic from the opposite direction had its turn.  However, on the way back we timed it just right and were able to sail right through both areas.

Ahhhh.....back to GOOD Mexican food!

Ahhhh…..back to GOOD Mexican food!

We had lunch at Agave Jalisco.  This place was first recommended to us back on our very first gate by our two crane operators, Javier & Tony and we just keep going back.  We’ve tried one of the other Mexican restaurants in town and it just doesn’t do it for us.  And this time didn’t disappoint either.

While in town we went ahead and filled up with diesel at HEB where diesel was $1.87 a gallon and regular gas was $1.67.  Wonderful for the pocketbook but not so great for the bank account of an oil field gate guard!

Nice on the pocket book...not so nice on our bank account

Nice on the pocket book…not so nice on our bank account

We got a nice warm welcome at the UPS Store when we went into pick up our mail.  The clerk told us she knew we’d be back soon when she started receiving packages for us.  LOL

While in the store getting the mail our friend, Debbie, walked in.  Was nice to see her as we haven’t seen her since last spring before we all went our separate ways for the summer.  It was a nice surprise to see her so randomly.

A sad state of affairs. The GGS yard is FULL of support trailers.

A sad state of affairs. The GGS yard is FULL of support trailers.

As we drove back and forth over highway 99 we couldn’t help but notice the difference in the surroundings from when we first drove over it in January 2014.   Back then the traffic on the road was much heavier – sand trucks, water trucks, oil trucks, various small trucks pulling support trailers, etc.  It seemed that there were drill rigs scattered here and there and it was common to see them peppering the horizon.  Or you’d see cranes holding up coiled tubing or workover rigs doing their thing.  Gate guards were every couple of miles along the highway.

It’s easy to see that times have changed as we passed very little oil field traffic, 3 workover rigs, 2 cranes (1 waaaay off in the distance) and 2 gate guards.  We did see 2 drilling rigs but 1 of them was on 181 as we came into Kenedy.

Things sure have changed in a year and 10 months.




2 Responses to Low Fuel Prices Means Out of Work Gate Guards

  1. Sammie Gautreaux

    I like your website. Just found it. Those gas prices are really killing our jobs and thousands of others. It’s got to pick up soon. Maybe the new election will help if we can all hang on long enough.

    • Kelly

      Hi Sammy! Thanks for the nice comment. We can only pray that things turn around soon in the oil patch.

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