The Martian, The Smoke Shack, May’s and RAIN

Posted by on November 1, 2015

Our last few days here at Ft. Sam went by much too fast.

Thursday morning Michael decided we needed to go to a movie.  He checked the listing at our favorite theater, the Alamo Drafthouse and found that The Martian was playing at 4:30 pm.

The Smoke Shack BBQ joint

The Smoke Shack BBQ joint

He also decided that he had a hankering for some fine Texas BBQ.  He’d seen an article on Facebook listing the top 25  new places for BBQ in Texas and one in San Antonio wasn’t far from us and kind of on the way to the theater.

The Smoke Shack has a nice sized bbq pit out back and a nice sized dining area inside as well as a few tables outside.  Ordering is done at the counter (common among bbq places) and then brought to your table when ready.

Ribs, brisket, mac & cheese and spicy creamed corn

Ribs, brisket, mac & cheese and spicy creamed corn

We both ordered a 2 meat plate.  Michael had the ribs and brisket while I went with ribs and chicken.  2 sides came with each plate and we both ordered the spicy creamed corn and macaroni & cheese.

The tip in the article said to order the ribs with the sauce on the side, which we did and probably glad for it.  It wasn’t a bbq sauce but a brown sugar glaze…which was very good but would probably have been too much served on the ribs.  It was really yummy to dip a piece of the super-duper tender chicken in though….just a little dab will do ya.

The ribs themselves were very tender and flavorful…no real need for a sauce to hide the smokey flavor.  Michael really enjoyed the brisket as it was tender, moist and had a nice smoke ring.

I wasn’t real impressed with either the macaroni & cheese or the spicy creamed corn which didn’t have much spice.  Michael enjoyed the macaroni & cheese though.

We go to the theater about 30 minutes before show time (or normal arrival time) and got settled in.  The movie was supposed to start at 4:30 but we didn’t even get previews for upcoming movies until 4:45 pm…which was after people started calling out, ‘start the movie’.  I wondered if maybe there was a new projectionist or something because people had to start calling out, ‘turn off the lights’ before the lights were turned off when the movie started.  Very strange.

Thankfully that didn’t set the mood for the whole movie because we really enjoyed the movie.  Loved it actually.  Full of humor, suspense, drama…good stuff!  Looking for a good movie…this is it!

We had storms Thursday night/Friday morning.  There were tornadoes west and south of San Antonio and lot of flooding near our friends, Lee and Linda in New Braunfels.  Thankfully we just had lots of rain but no flooding.

Friday was kind of a dreary day so I threw some beef stew in the crock pot and we settled into spend the day mostly watching shows from the DVR.  Even watched a couple Halloween movies but they were pretty darn lame…shake your head worthy.

I did take the time to mop/wax the floors so they’re ready for all the dust of the oil patch.  Woohoo!  Ugh.

This is a walkway under the bridge leading to the FamCamp.  You can see that the water has receded quite a bit.

This is a walkway under the bridge leading to the FamCamp. You can see that the water has receded quite a bit.

We got more storms Friday night/Saturday morning.  These storms were a bit more intense than those of the day before.  This storm was enough to knock out the power and wake me up as the wind was rocking us a bit and the thunder and lightning seemed to be right on top of us.  Michael woke up enough to put his arm around me when I nudged him but he was soon snoring softly.  My hero!

I had a couple of errands to run on post and Michael joined me.  First was to make a return at the PX and then to pick up another accordion file for Michael to file his military medical records in.  I’d picked up one last week but one wasn’t enough…he needed a second one.

May's - always wanted to try this food truck but was never open when I was there.

May’s – always wanted to try this food truck but was never open when I was there.

It was lunch time when we finished at the PX and thought it best to grab some lunch before going over to the commissary to do our grocery shopping.

Michael got his lunch from Charley’s Grilled Subs (a Philly Cheesesteak) in the food court but I wanted to try the food from May’s Chinese Food truck outside.  I was very happy I did.  It was very good…home-cooked right in front of me.

What time is it?  It's time for lunch!

What time is it? It’s time for lunch!

We sat in the food court to eat our lunch.  We were surrounded by soldiers, sailors and airman as well as retirees and families.  Michael reminisced about his early Army days and we talked about our son, Zack, and his military career.

Ft. Sam is a training post for most anyone that does anything in the medical field in the military.  We spoke with one young man who is here for AIT (Advanced Individual Training) where he’ll learn how to do his job as a medic.  We also spoke with a young woman (29 and mother of 2) who is a dentist in the civilian world but is here for BOLC (Basic Officers Leadership Course) so that she can learn to do her job as an officer in the National Guard.

They’re all so young.

Back home we got the groceries put away, did a few loads of laundry and got the satellite dish taken down and stowed.  But other than that there wasn’t much else for us to do.  Tear down and set up have become pretty easy….which is nice.

We weren’t sure if we should expect trick or treaters or not….but none came.  Good thing we didn’t but a whole lot of candy!

It rained again about 6:30 pm….pretty darn hard I might add.  Now hopefully that’s all the rain we’ll get for a while.




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