Moving Day: San Antonio, TX To Whitsett, TX

Posted by on November 1, 2015

Not having far to travel today, just 65 miles, we were in no hurry.  I got up about 7:30 am and Michael followed shortly thereafter.

We relaxed in our recliners – checking emails, Facebooking and catching up on blogs while munching on our breakfast sandwiches, bananas and grapes.

About 10:00 am we started to stir a bit…stowing the last few things inside the house, bringing up the jacks under the coach, unhooking the water and sewer and stowing the hoses and lastly unplugging the power….all at a very leisurely pace.

We pulled out of the FamCamp about 10:50 am and had a very quiet, non-eventful trip down I37 to the GGS yard in Whitsett, which is just off the interstate.  We pulled into the yard just about noon and were met by the gate guard welcoming committee!  Jeff & Nedra and Len & Anne came out to greet us and we ended up chatting for about 45 minutes before we even backed into our spot next to Jeff & Nedra.

We finally got backed in and I went into do my chores inside and make some lunch while Michael did his thing outside.  Or should I say chatted with Jeff some more while working ‘at’ getting his chores accomplished.

Stay away, ants!

Stay away, ants!

We’d been warned before getting there that ants and mice seemed to be a problem in the yard so we came armed.  Before we put the slides out Michael put some of the ant poison out around the tires and jacks.  We’d used this once before when we were in Alabama and it did the trick…lets hope it works here too.

Jeff & Nedra have been here 22 days waiting for a gate. Len & Anne have been here 4 days, but just got off of a gate they were on for 3 months.

We met the other couple, Jerry & Mary, and chatted with them for a while this afternoon.  They’ve been here a week after working a gate for about a month.

All set up and ready to wait it out.

All set up and ready to wait it out.

Jeff and Nedra were supposed to go out to a gate today but were still here when we got here about noon. They ended up heading out to their gate just before 3:00 pm when a couple of guys came to get them and take them to the gate.

We are third in line for a gate.  We are prepared for a wait…most likely a couple of weeks…at least. Thankfully, we have full hook ups and it’s free to wait here.  The wait will give Michael more time to putz on the projects he still has left on his ‘To do’ list.

So now we wait.

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