Cravings, Projects, Anomalies, CAB and a Shot

Posted by on October 29, 2015
It was so dark Saturday morning that the street lights were on!

It was so dark Saturday morning that the street lights were on!

Hurricane Patricia was supposed to dump huge amounts of rain on us but we got away with a lot less than predicted.  It started raining in the wee hours of Friday/Saturday night and rained most of the day and into the evening.  By Sunday the sun was out and the ‘wind’ that was predicted wasn’t much of anything either.

We didn’t let the rain stop us though!  We had errands to run on Saturday and we did just that!  Stopping at Harbor Freight (buffer pads), Walgreens (sunflower seeds), Walmart and the 99 cent store.  We’d never seen one before and it was next to Harbor Freight so I decided to check it out.  I was pretty darn impressed.  A well maintained store with ample stock.

We also satisfied my Chinese craving by stopping at the Asian Buffet on Austin Highway.  As far as ‘buffets’ go it was good with a large selection….we’d go back.

Sparkly, shiny back cap

Sparkly, shiny back cap

On Sunday Michael continued his coach washing/waxing project.  He got the back cap completed but while he was doing that he found that the caulk on the off-door side of coach roof was in bad shape so he removed it, cleaned the area and then re-caulked it.

White insert trim

White insert trim

He also found that the white insert trim, that goes into a tract along the side of the coach up near the roof, was cracking and crumbling so he removed it as well.  Thankfully, he had both caulk and insert trim on hand so he was able to finish both tasks without having to run to the hardware store.

New trim inserted into the channel on the coach.

New trim inserted into the channel on the coach.

I made a run to the commissary on Monday for our weekly groceries and will go back again on Saturday for one last trip before we head south.  Once we get to the Gate Guard yard the closest grocery store will be about 30 miles away so I want and have enough groceries on hand to last me a couple of weeks.

The last of our medical appointments was on Tuesday.  Michael had been to the eye doctor in the spring and they wanted him to come back and be retested for glaucoma as they thought he was showing early signs of glaucoma.

VA clinic on Data Point Drive

VA clinic on Data Point Drive

He had 2 appointments.  The first visual field test and the second appointment was to go over the test with the doctor. I figured it was gonna be a long wait so I brought my trusty Kindle and hunkered down in the waiting room.

Michael was really impressed with the doctor as he did a really good job of explaining things and even drew a picture to better help him understand.

It turns out that Michael does NOT have glaucoma.  His cornea is thicker than normal and the indentation in the center of the optic nerve is larger than normal which give off funky glaucoma readings – a genetic issue, but ‘normal’ for him.

Michael mentioned to the doctor that our son, Dan, was born with a Morning Glory Disc anomaly in his right eye (meaning that his optic nerve didn’t fully form in utero) – leaving him with sight in only his left eye.  The doctor confirmed that both of their eye issues are related, as are…more than likely…eye issues with any of Michael’s family.

For 27 years I thought that there might have been something I’d done/didn’t do while pregnant with Dan that caused the blindness in his right eye so I’m happy to report it wasn’t my fault.  😉

Yum! If you haven't had a Whataburger....try it!

Yum! If you haven’t had a Whataburger….try it!

After the appointment we stopped at Whataburger for a late lunch/early dinner.  We haven’t been to Whataburger in a long time so that was something we wanted to get off of our ‘list’ before we head to the oil patch.

After lupper we made a stop at Walmart for a few items.  The biggest thing was mouse traps and CAB. Gotta be prepared when heading to the oil patch!  We’ve also been given reports of our friends getting visited by mice while waiting in the yard so we plan to be ready!

Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t carry any CAB so we ordered some from Amazon and had it shipped to our mail box in Kenedy and will pick it (as well as any other mail) when we get down that way.

Hard to see but his lips are pursed...he wasn't impressed with the pharmacist's technique.

Hard to see but his lips are pursed…he wasn’t impressed with the pharmacist’s technique.

Lastly we stopped at Walgreens so that Michael could get a flu shot.  He’d gotten an email that he could get a free flu shot there as Walgreens and the VA had partnered together to provide flu shots and other vaccines.

Of course, nobody at the pharmacy was familiar with the program but they took the time to check into it and found that they had all the necessary paperwork on hand to get it taken care of.  After the proper paperwork was completed we had about a 10 minute wait (25 minutes or so total) until the pharmacist was free and could give Michael the shot…which he said hurt…LOL.  I’m so mean.  🙂


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