Dinner with Friends is Wunderbar!

Posted by on October 23, 2015

We haven’t been doing a whole lot since we’ve been in San Antonio.  Mostly just enjoying some relaxation and trying to get some more of our ‘To Do’ lists done.  The plan is to get as much done and spend as much time together before we make ourselves available for a gate.  There’s no telling if or when we’ll get a gate but you just know if we don’t prepare for gate guarding we’ll get a gate the day that we get to the yard and all of the things we wanted to get done beforehand won’t have gotten done.

Working on washing and waxing the underside of the 5th wheel

Working on washing and waxing the underside of the 5th wheel

Michael’s biggest chore on his list is to get the coach washed and waxed.  It’s a big job so he’s been do a little each day.  So far he’s got the bottom of the fifth wheel overhang and the front cap done.  In his words, ‘The hardest parts’.  He’s had to kind of wash in between the rain drops as it’s been raining on and off for the last few days so hopefully he’ll be able to get it completed.

Look Ma, no vent covers!

Look Ma, no vent covers!

Michael took down all of the air conditioner vents and air conditioner covers so that between the two of us we could get them washed as well.  Hard to believe how much dust they accumulate.

There were a few spots on the ceiling that looked like something had spilled on them…how something got spilled UP on them…I don’t know.  Those spots are no longer there as I washed those parts of the ceiling once the nice clean vents and ac covers were back in place.

Ugh...this sideways stuff is gonna kill me! Anyway...My Prince Charming

Ugh…this sideways stuff is gonna kill me! Anyway…My Prince Charming

Tuesday night Michael went and had a sleep study done through the VA but it was done at a civilian clinic.  He had to be at the clinic at 8:30 pm.  He had quite a wait to get admitted for his overnight stay and once he finally got admitted he had to have an escort to the sleep clinic as the rest of that area was closed for the evening and had locked doors that needed to be opened.

After getting hooked up to all kinds of wires Michael settled in for the night shortly after 10:00 pm.  He didn’t sleep well.  Waking up several times to go to the bathroom and then waking up just because. Before he knew it was 4:45 am and they were waking him up because their shift ended at 6:00 am.

Unfortunately he was able to come straight home and go back to bed since the road to RV park is used by the soldiers for PT and is basically closed from 5:00 am to 6:30 am.  Michael ended up having to pull over in a parking lot for about 45 minutes until the opened the road back up.

He got home just minutes after 6:30 am, hopped in the shower quickly then went back to sleep until about 9:45 am.  He should have the results of his sleep study in about 10 days.

Wednesday afternoon Michael went over to the Audie Murphy Hospital and met with the DAV rep we saw back in January.  The spent about an hour and half going over things and Michael has some homework to do before next Wednesday when he plans to go back again.  We’re taking little tiny baby steps…but at least we’re moving forward!

Thursday morning I had an appointment with my primary care doctor.  Nothing special…just the obligatory follow-up for blood work which gets done every six months.  While there I also opted to have a flu shot.  I haven’t had one in a couple of years but after our ‘flu epidemic’ last year while at Michael’s mom’s I really don’t wanna take any chances.  Now we just have to get Michael one and we’ll be set.

20151022_164902Thursday evening we met our Heartland friends, Lee & Linda for dinner in New Braunfels.  They live in nearby Canyon Lake so this was a good meeting point for all of us.  We met at the Alpine Haus, a German restaurant with good reviews.

Us with Linda and Lee

Us with Linda and Lee

Lee & Linda weren’t real familiar with German cuisine so they each went kind of safe with schnitzel and we recommended they try the spaetzle, as well.  Michael and I normally order schnitzel of some sort so we both tried something new.  I ordered ‘Rinder Goulash’ or beef tips in gravy and Michael tried the ‘Hühnerbrust Geschnetzeltes’ better known as sautéed chicken breast in a spinach cream sauce.

Michael's Chicken w/spinach cream sauce

Michael’s Chicken w/spinach cream sauce

...and my goulash

…and my goulash

Our meals came with soup or salad.  The soup was cream of asparagus and the salad with a house vinaigrette….both were excellent as were our meals.  We all decided to give dessert a try as well.  Lee & Linda shared a serving of Apple Strudel while Michael and I teamed up on a piece of Black Forest Chocolate cake….yummy stuff!

Definitely a place I would recommend.

Loved the atmosphere!

Loved the atmosphere!

The restaurant is set up in a historic home with just a dozen tables or so spread throughout 4 rooms of the home.  The atmosphere was homey and well suited to the German comfort food that is served.

Besides enjoying the food we really enjoyed the company!  There was pretty much non-stop chatter before, during and after our meal. We’d warned our server that we’d probably be there a couple of hours…well that ended up being 3 hours.  Thankfully, they weren’t too busy and we didn’t keep anyone from getting a table.

I’ve been making most of our meals at home…cheaper and a lot of the time tastier.  This week I’ve made a couple of my favorites:  Cajun Pork Pasta and Chicken with Orzo & Peas.  I also made a batch of Monster Cookies which make for a decent snack.

When I went to the commissary earlier in the week I picked up a rotisserie chicken which we had for dinner that night along with some sides.  The leftovers were packaged and frozen for future meals….love doing that!


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