Moving Day: Waco, TX To San Antonio, TX

Posted by on October 19, 2015

We had a nice drive of just 187 miles so we didn’t even pull out of our site until 10:52 am.  We made a stop at the dump station and were done and pulling away by 11:07 am.

It was a pretty day and the roads clear and we didn’t end up behind any big old huge wide load going 40 miles per hour.

Can't get much clearer roads!

Can’t get much clearer roads!

We did choose to take the toll roads (TX 130 & 45w) around Austin though.  Every time we’ve had to drive through Austin the traffic has been horrible and I35 seemed to be under construction at some place or other.

The toll roads were great!  Very little traffic, smooth and clear helping us make great time.


Once back on I35 we had about a 20 mile drive to Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels.  We were quite low on fuel and since their diesel was $2.09 a gallon, Michael made sure to fill up both tanks.

While Michael filled the tanks I went inside and grabbed some lunch, Buc-ee Nuggets and Beef Jerky. You just can’t go to Buc-ee’s and not get those last two items…just can’t do it!

I think that Michael picked the slowest pump in the place, which has 120 pumps!  It was SO slow that we each finished our lunch of brisket sandwiches before we got all of our fuel.  If you know me and how slow I eat…that is a BIG something!

Back on the road we had less than 30 miles left until we arrived at the FamCamp at Ft. Sam Houston.  We were pleased to run into NO construction as we drove through San Antonio.  Since we’ve been coming to SA (since 2012) there has been construction somewhere on our route.

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp - site 24

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp – site 24

We arrived at the office about 3:10 pm and got semi-checked in as on the weekends the camphosts are on duty and they can’t take money – so we had to go back in on Monday and pay for our 2 week stay.

We got set up and settled in in time to watch the remainder of the Packer/Chargers game.  The Packers pulled it out (6-0 for the season so far!) but it was a bit of a nail biter…I don’t like those kind of games!

All those different pastas made my Mama's spaghetti even tastier!

All those different pastas made my Mama’s spaghetti even tastier!

For dinner I pulled some frozen spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and served it over 7 different kinds of pastas…fun stuff!

We have been plagued with Asian Lady Beetles since before we left Wisconsin and they just won’t go away.  At first they were just on the outside of the coach but they have found their way inside.  They like the skylight in the bathroom, the hall window, the bathroom in general and the ceiling in the kitchen/living room.

Michael pulled out the vacuum cleaner and sucked up a bunch…again!  Their numbers seem to be dwindling…but we can’t let our guard down!

Our friends and fellow gate guards, Debbie and Rod have been waiting in the yard for 3 weeks (1 day shy) and finally got a gate today.  Hopefully it lasts as long as they want/need it too.

We plan to be available for a gate on November 1st, after we’ve completed all of our appointments here in San Antonio.  Michael called and spoke with our Gate Guard Services contact today and told him of our plans and he said that would could come down and wait in the yard when we’re ready.  That works for us.  We will most likely have a long wait…but that’s ok.  Once we’re in the yard a gate will come at some point.

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