Moving Day: Durant, OK To Waco, TX

Posted by on October 16, 2015
Parked among friends. Choctaw Casino - site 39

Parked among friends. Choctaw Casino – site 39

With only 198 miles to travel today we had no need to hurry so we slept in…or at least Michael did….he got up about 8:15 and I got up about 7:20.

Since we hadn’t unhooked all we had to worry about was unhooking the power and water and taking the satellite dish down.  We’d taken very little out inside so buttoning up the inside didn’t take much either.

Me, Jay, Paul & Nancy

Me, Jay, Paul & Nancy

Jay and Stella and Tramp came by to say good-bye.  I walked down the road to take some pictures and ended up chatting with Jay, Paul and Nancy for a bit before I skedaddled on home to finish up my chores.

A meeting of the minds...

A meeting of the minds…

Michael had finished the majority of his chores by the time that I got home so I went inside to finish up mine.  When I came back outside I found Michael chatting with Jay, Dave & Orville so I unhooked the electric and tried to figure out how to retract the jacks but was a bit nervous I’d goof something up since it was still hooked up to the truck.

When Michael and the guys were done solving the worlds problems he showed me how to retract the jacks, we got the address in the GPS and hit the road at 10:21 am.

Busiest park of our trek through Dallas

Busiest park of our trek through Dallas

Fearless Michael chose to drive right through the center of Dallas – US 69/75 to I-45 to I-20 to I-35E. We hit the Dallas suburbs just before noon and traffic on US 75 was a big heavy but nothing crazy.  When 75 turned into I-45 it was smooth sailing.  Michael’s words, “Easy Peasy”.

'Easy Peasy'!

‘Easy Peasy’!

We had one incident when a pick up decided to change lanes to close in front of us and Michael had to brake a bit harder than you’d want to have to…but chicken me was calm the whole way…so that’s a darn good sign!

We stopped in Waxahachie to fill up with diesel and also to fill up our tummies.  The plan was to have lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen but Michael turned his nose up at the special of the day (PB&J) so we got lunch at the Sonic at the gas station.

Speegleville Park - site 25

Speegleville Park – site 25

After lunch we had just an hours drive left and it was uneventful.  We pulled into Speegleville Park, a Corps of Engineers Park, in Waco about 2:45 pm.  We’d done an online pre-registration last week so we didn’t have anything to do but get a placard for the trucks windshield when we arrived.

We found our site, which overlooks Lake Waco, easily enough and got backed in.  It’s a very nice site with a picnic table and grill and a shelter over the table.  The site has 50 amp and water but no sewer. Can’t beat it for $20 a night!

Michael’s had a rough time getting the satellite dish to tune in the last 2 days.  Usually it’s a really quick job but yesterday and today he really had to work at it…and it 90+ degree heat!  Hopefully once we have completed our ‘move’ it’ll get easier again.



Michael pulled the grill out of the basement and I grilled some London Broil for dinner.  A salad and baked sweet potatoes rounded out the meal.  Dinner was yummy and we actually sat at the table…something we used to do all the time and has kinda fallen by the wayside…gonna have to fix that.

Wasn't afraid of me at all...just did his thing and then moved on

Wasn’t afraid of me at all…just did his thing and then moved on

While we were eating dinner Michael happened to notice that we had a visitor walking around our site…an armadillo!  A first for us.  In Wisconsin we’re used to having raccoons visit and in Kentucky we had a couple of skunks that visited each night (remember Denise & Skip??) so I guess having an armadillo visit your campsite in Texas is normal.

Stay tuned as tomorrow is a day of sight-seeing in and around Waco!


2 Responses to Moving Day: Durant, OK To Waco, TX

  1. EDorsey

    This armadillo was out during the day? That’s not normal. They are nocturnal and are nearly blind, going by smell to locate food (roots and grubs and such.)

    • Kelly

      Yep…it was about 6:30 pm or so…guess he’s not a ‘normal’ armadillo!

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