Moving Day: Ozark, MO To Durant, OK

Posted by on October 15, 2015

We had about 340 miles to travel today so we tried to get on the road a little earlier and ended up pulling out at 8:45 am.

We made two potty stops and an hour-long lunch stop but other than that it was a fairly normal travel day.  We followed I-44 west into Oklahoma from Springfield, Missouri and then headed south on US 69 for roughly 200 miles.  US 69 had some rough patches but for the most part it was a decent road.

What's the hold up!?!

What’s the hold up!?!

The biggest excitement was when we (and a bunch of other vehicles) ended up behind a big ol’ oversized load…we’re not even sure what it was….but it was so big that it took up both of the southbound lanes.  It had 3 vehicles in front of it with flashing lights on guiding it and 2 behind it with flashing lights.  Plus it had a bobtail semi behind it pushing it along.

There it goes....but what is it??

There it goes….but what is it??

We ended up following it for about 30 minutes going about 40 miles per hour until it finally turned off.  I’m pretty sure I could hear the celebrations going on in all the vehicles behind/around us!

We landed at the Choctaw Casino KOA at 4:15 pm and were greeted at the office by Rex & Stacy and Jay & Stella! Awesome stuff!

There is a Heartland Rally going on this weekend and we had NO idea.  I just happened to see a post on Facebook yesterday that some of our friends were heading to the same park we planned on overnighting at tonight.  With a little research I found that there’s a rally and we didn’t even know it!  Too bad.  If I’d known I would have planned on joining the rally but we have reservations in Waco starting tomorrow for a couple of nights and our stay is already paid for.

A meeting of the minds??

A meeting of the minds??

Since we’re only here for the night we didn’t unhook and Michael just hooked up the water and electric and before I knew it he was off to chat with the boys.  There were several of them gathered in the road between the coaches chatting and I think he just couldn’t wait to join in!

Dinner for 8

Dinner for 8

We were ended up going over to the casino buffet, Butterfields Buffet for dinner and we joined by 3 other couples – Jay & Stella, Dave & Nancy and Larry & Mary Ann.  There’s a shuttle to the casino from the RV park so we hitched a ride.  We had really nice visit over dinner which lasted 2ish hours.  The food was good but we always really enjoy our time with Jay & Stella.

Blowing my last penny!

Blowing my last penny!

Michael and I stayed behind at the casino while the others took the shuttle back to the RV park.  We wanted to blow our  complimentary $10 (each) on the slots….and blow it we did in about 10 minutes…on the penny slots!  I had high hopes of winning big enough that we wouldn’t have to gate guard this winter…but it was not to be.

Wow…it’s amazing how different the weather is in Oklahoma than in Wisconsin!  When we left Wisconsin Saturday morning it was 40 degrees.  When we arrived in Durant it was 96 degrees!  Ugh. Even in Ozark yesterday it was in the mid 80s but comfortable.  Sure hope it cools off some….soon!

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