Yakov, Mel’s, Jonah & Montana Mike’s

Posted by on October 14, 2015

A busy day…

Yakov Smirnoff...awesome show!

Yakov Smirnoff…awesome show!

We started our day off with Yakov Smirnoff!  Wake up with Yakov started at 10:00 am so we left home about 9:00 am to make the 30 minute drive and to get their a little early.  Yakov has his own theater just as you come into Branson so it was easy to find.  This theater was in much better shape then yesterdays.

This is Yakov’s last season in Branson as he has plans to move to Hollywood.  He plans to get his PhD in psychology and also hopes to be featured on Dancing With the Stars.

We’re very happy we decided to go to his show as it was Awesome!  We laughed pretty much non-stop and his views on this great country of ours can’t help you be proud to be an American.  He also has an excellent outlook on love and laughter (basically that they go hand in hand) is so right on that you just can’t help but love the guy!

One of singing servers...great voice!

One of singing servers…great voice!

Yakov’s show was over at noon so we had several hours to waste before our next show.  We decided to grab some lunch at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner.  A performer (John Sager) we saw in Mission a few years ago works there and we were hoping to catch him.

Patty melt and fries

Patty melt and fries

Besides serving food, the servers at Mel’s also sing.  Most of them do an excellent job…a couple others should probably just stick to serving.  The entertainment was great and the food was very good.  Michael had a cheeseburger and I had a patty melt.

Cheeseburger * froes

Cheeseburger & fries

John was supposed to come into work at 2:00 pm…we got there shortly after 1:00 pm.  We even had dessert (a sundae that we shared ) to waste time but by 2:30 he still hadn’t shown so we didn’t end up getting to see him.  We’re told that yesterday was his birthday and he might have celebrated a little too much.

Rockin' outside Mel's

Rockin’ outside Mel’s

We  had tickets to the 3:30 showing of Jonah and got there about 3:00 pm.  Jonah is presented at the Sight and Sound Theater which is a beautiful theater that is fairly new…and huge compared to the other two theaters.

Unfortunately no pictures allowed during the show

Unfortunately no pictures allowed during the show

The performance was absolutely awesome.  The show tells the story of Jonah and the whale and the events leading up to and after Jonah’s stint inside the whale.  The singing and dancing were very well done.  The animation was great.  We had waves and the whale go over our heads.  The players went up and down the aisles.  And, of course, for me…the best part was all the animals!  Horses, donkeys, oxen, cows, llamas, camels…on stage and in the aisles…and they were real!  Awesome, awesome, awesome! This is the last season for this show so if you plan to be in Branson before the end of the year…GO!

Friends Gayle & Larry

Friends Gayle & Larry

We were happy to get a message from Heartland friends Larry & Gayle K, who only live about 20 miles west of Branson.  We made arrangements to meet them at Montana Mike’s for dinner after our show was over.

Delicious beef tips

Delicious beef tips

We had a really nice visit with Gayle and Larry…chatting for almost 2 hours.  They chose a great restaurant too!  The food was very good (beef tips for me….sirloin for Michael) and plentiful.  The serving size of Gayle and Larry’s mashed potatoes was like a mountain…2-3 normal servings for sure.

Tomorrow will find us on the road again…destination Durant, Oklahoma.

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