Fall is Here!

Posted by on September 27, 2015

Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with my old boss/friend, Marilyn.  Marilyn was my direct supervisor when I worked in Sourcing at Lands End.  She was great to work for and spending time with her made me actually miss working…but only for a short time!

We had lunch at Aztlan in downtown Dodgeville.  We were there several weeks ago with Dan & Amanda and weren’t too impressed but this time I really enjoyed my meal.  I got a taco salad and it was really yummy!

Chit-chatting with one of his old barbers

Chit-chatting with one of his old barbers

While I enjoyed lunch, my awesome husband ran a few errands and got himself a bbq sandwich from a food truck.  Errands included laundry and a haircut…which he was in DIRE need of…he is now once again presentable!

Friday evening Michael and I and the boys (Alex & Ben) went to the Red Room for the fish fry.  Dan & Amanda went out to dinner and a movie with Amanda’s parents.  The boys being 2 and 3 aren’t always the best eaters but they both ate very well and Michael and I enjoyed our fish so it was a win all the way around!

Saturday took us all to Madison.  The first stop was at Resurrection Cemetery to visit the grave of Chris Farley.  Unfortunately, he is entombed inside of a chapel in the cemetery and it was locked.  Bummer.

The Wisconsin Barnett's at the zoo

The Wisconsin Barnett’s at the zoo

The next stop and main reason for going to Madison was the Henry Vilas Zoo.  It’s a small zoo…but wow…what a nice place!  The animal enclosures are so nice and well taken care of.  The price is definitely right too…free!

My favorites! The giraffes!

My favorites! The giraffes!

We must have arrived at nap time as many of the animals were napping as we visited…but that didn’t seem to bother the boys as they both enjoyed seeing the various animals.

Working on getting the spare tire rack sanded...

Working on getting the spare tire rack sanded…

Michael continues to work off the chores on his list.  While the coach has been gone he’s worked on sanding and painting the spare tire rack that goes underneath the coach.  It was getting pretty darn rusty and really needed a good once over.

Don't they look awesome??

Don’t they look awesome??

He also painted the propane tanks.  He’d painted one previously but never got to the second one but now they’re both done.

You just can't beat a GOOD doctor...me & Dr. Valyo

You just can’t beat a GOOD doctor…me & Dr. Valyo

Sunday morning Amanda and I made a quick run to Walmart for a few items and ran into our old family doctor.  We all loved him…but he had some health issues that forced him to cut back and he left his private practice.

Even after not having seen him for at least 7 years he remembered me, asked about Michael and the boys and we had a nice little visit.  You don’t find doctors like him much anymore…he’s a true gem.

The orchard had this awesomely helpful board that helped to determine what kind of apples we wanted and where they were located.

The orchard had this awesomely helpful board that helped to determine what kind of apples we wanted and where they were located.

On Sunday afternoon we loaded up 2 cars and headed to Mt. Horeb with Amanda’s parents to visit an apple orchard – Sutter’s Ridge.  I’ve never been to an apple orchard and really enjoyed it.  I couldn’t get over how many different kinds of apples they had to offer with different apples being ready to pick at different times.

Our favorite our Honey Crisp and they had plenty to go around…we just picked 6 as that will last us a while.  Amanda got a few eating apples and several to bake apple crisp with…Mmmmm.

Loaded down with honey crisp apples

Loaded down with honey crisp apples

It was a pretty cool place with pumpkins, gourds, squash, raspberries, a kids play area, a maze,  a hayride and goodies to eat too.  Definitely a place I’d like to go back to.

We got a call from Mounds View RV on Friday afternoon letting us know that the coach was all done and ready to be picked up.  Since we had some things going on this weekend we had a few things going on we decided we’d wait until Monday to pick it up.

Besides repairing the leaky tanks (the fresh water tank and one of the gray tanks) they also replaced our back up camera.  Ours had stopped working a while back and since it was covered under our extended warranty we went ahead and had it replaced.

The insurance company would only cover $399 for a new camera and the one that the dealership had only had a 4 inch monitor and our old one had a 7 inch monitor…and our eyes are old and need as big of a screen as possible.  Michael found one online that had the 7 inch monitor, good reviews and was compatible with what was already set up on the coach.  The dealership ordered it and installed it and we will just pay the difference between it and what the insurance company was willing to pay.  Sweet!

Beautiful autumn view at the apple orchard

Beautiful autumn view at the apple orchard

Fall is definitely arriving is southern Wisconsin.  Temperatures have been in the mid 70s during the day, dipping down into the 50’s at night.  Leaves are beginning to turn beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange making a drive through the countryside something of a awe-inspiring journey.  Ahhh….my most favorite time of the year!



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