My Two Sons!

Posted by on September 24, 2015

Oops!  I thought I’d posted this on Tuesday and now I see it never got posted!  Sorry!

Last week went by quickly and had several highlights!

Our son Zack and his family live in the Ogden, Utah but last week he had to come to Madison for a couple of days for work.  I was one happy mama since we’re only about 40 minutes from Madison.  I was even happier when Zack requested that we get together for dinner both Monday AND Tuesday evening! we are....upside down! WordPress doing funky things to my pictures again!

Well…here we are….upside down! WordPress doing funky things to my pictures again!

On Monday we all (Zack, Michael, me, Dan, Amanda, Alex and Ben) went to Ginza of Tokyo for dinner.  We’ve all been there in the past and were expecting a great experience…unfortunately we didn’t get quite the experience we’d hoped for.  Rather than sit at the hibachi I requested a tea room so that we could have a more laid back visit.  Our server wasn’t very on the ball and the food wasn’t as great as we’d remembered…still good just not out of this world.  However, we still had a nice visit and it was wonderful to have both of my boys together.  Just wish Kelsea, Cameron and Paityn could have been there too….but I’ll take what I can get.

Michael and the boys chillin'

Michael and the boys chillin’

On Tuesday Zack drove out to Dodgeville and I grilled burgers and brats to go along with potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and jello.  We visited for several hours before Zack had to make the trek back to Madison.  Hopefully, these brief visits will continue for Zack and Dan when Dan and Amanda move to Verona since Zack will still have work that takes him to Madison.

Michael made an appointment to take the coach to Mounds View RV in Belmont to have some warranty work done on two of our holding tanks that are leaking.  Michael felt that it entailed more work that he was able to handle at this point.  The appointment was for Monday, September 21st.

Not knowing if they would just be able to fix the leaks or replace the tanks and how long it would take the extended warranty company get things rolling we decided to plan on the coach being gone for a couple of weeks.  Thankfully, Dan and Amanda have a nice big home with and extra bedroom downstairs that we can move into.

On Thursday the six of us drove to Milwaukee to take in the Brewers game with Amanda’s sister and some of her friends.  The original plan was to tailgate before the game but rain foiled our plan!  Instead Ashley grilled burgers and brats at her house and Amanda and I made sides and we just tailgated there instead!  As it turns out we probably could have done our tailgating at the park since he didn’t rain during that time anyway!  Oh well!

Go, Brewers, Go!

Go, Brewers, Go!

We chose a very interesting game to attend….that’s for sure!  Before the game started, Milwaukee Buck’s point guard, Michael Carter-Williams throughout the first pitch and hit the camera man!  Read HERE.

In the third inning, Brewers pitcher, Jimmy Nelson, was hit in the head by a 108 mph line drive that dropped him to the ground.  I think the whole crowd held their breath while he laid face down on the mound for what felt like forever but was only about a minute.  He was able to walk off the field but spent 2 nights in the hospital for observation.  Thankfully, he’s ok.  Read HERE.

Now if that wasn’t enough a few innings later a fan was hit in the face by a foul ball just a few sections to our left.  Play stopped while medical help got to the fan and assessed the situation.  The fan was able to walk away on his own although he did have a rag covering his nose.  Sure hope he was ok!

Unfortunately, the Brewers lost to the Cardinals 6-3 but it was anything but a boring game!  Besides all the people getting his by the ball the Brewers waited until the bottom of the 9th inning with 2 out to score their 3 runs!  Wowza!

The game ended about 10:00 pm and we still had a 2 hour drive home….in the rain!  It may have stopped raining during tailgating time but it started up during the game (we were snug as bugs under the Miller Park dome!) and it rained almost ALL the way home!  We got home about 12:30 and we were all way ready for bed.

The weekend was spent finishing projects on the coach, cleaning, laundry and packing whatever we’d need for the anticipated 2 weeks without our home.



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