New Door, New Lights, BBQ & Fish

Posted by on September 5, 2015
Installing the brand new shiny door that doesn't have a big rip in the center of it!

Installing the brand new shiny door that doesn’t have a big rip in the center of it!

First thing Thursday morning Michael installed the new generator door to replace the one that got a boo-boo this spring when we left the RV park in Nordheim. Read about it HERE. There were no keys with new door and our keys for the old door didn’t fit the lock so Michael switched the 2 locks and voila! We now have a new door with a locking/unlocking lock! He still needs to caulk around the door plus he wants to caulk around the other 2 basements doors but that will have to wait for a less humid day.

Michael called this his "$25.00 remodel".  Big difference!

Michael called this his “$25.00 remodel”. Big difference!

After a nice hearty breakfast of Aretha Frankenstein pancakes Michael was back outside to install the new door-side scare light. He picked two of them up while we were in Elkhart since the 2 originals were yellowed from 4.5 years in the sunlight. The switch out went really well and took about 30 minutes for what would normally have been a 10 minute job. (lots of breaks to get out of the heat.)

He only planned to do the one light today as it was in the shade but since it went so smoothly he went ahead and switched out the new and old lights on the off-door side of the coach as well. Another item checked off the never ending ‘To Do’ list!

That was all the work Michael planned for outside as the temperatures have been in the high 80s to low 90s and the humidity has been hovering between 70 and 80 percent which makes for miserable outside working conditions. This ‘heat wave’ should last until Sunday and then it should start cooling off again. Whew.

We’re also taking advantage to having access to a full walk-in basement that is literally 12 steps from our front door. Michael completely emptied the basement into the basement so that we could go through everything and purge and/or organize the contents.

The totes and miscellaneous items and how they will fit in the basement

The totes and miscellaneous items and how they will fit in the basement

When we started this adventure 4 1/2 years ago we had 20 Rubbermaid totes in the basement that held seasonal clothes, seasonal decor, excess office supplies, camping supplies etc. Over the years we’ve learned that we didn’t need or want certain items anymore so we are now down to 12 totes in the basement. That gives us room to carry some things that used to ride in the back of the truck or in the coach itself. Ahhhh…..feels good!

I’ve also taken the opportunity to go through some of the cabinets in the house, as well, and have been able to purge items there too.

Besides what we carry in the coach we have a few things stored at our son, Zack’s home as well as in 6 footlockers here at Dan’s. I’ve gone through each of those and removed what I can now part with that I didn’t feel like I could part with before. The footlockers mostly contain things like old family dishes, yearbooks, picture books, old family bibles, Army memorabilia, etc and I am now to the point where there is nothing else I am willing to part with.

Michael's 'brisket' plate

Michael’s ‘brisket’ plate

We tried another one of the ‘new to us’ restaurants here in Dodgeville. Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ is owned and operated by a guy that used to work at Lands End while I was there. Here managed the cafeteria’s and has since branched out and started his own business. We’d heard good things, all of our kids had been there and the reviews were very good except for the wait time.

Knowing that the wait times were long we chose to got at an ‘off peak’ time. We went on weekday at 1:00 pm and had absolutely no wait at all and there were very few customers.

My rib plate

My rib plate

Michael, of course, order brisket and I got the ribs. Dan and Amanda each ordered a pulled pork sandwich. Bob’s offers 8 home-made bbq sauces and we tried each one…everyone having their own favorites there were 2 or 3 that we all agreed were our favorites.

Michael was disappointed to find that what was being advertised as brisket was actually knuckle….although he did say it had good flavor. My ribs were a bit bland so I ended up having to use some sauce to help them out a bit. I tried the pulled pork that the kids had and it was flavorful and moist. Sides were good – macaroni & cheese, cole slaw and baked beans.

2 pieces of fried cod and hashbrown with cheese and onions

2 pieces of fried cod and hashbrown with cheese and onions

On Friday evening Michael and I made an impromptu decision to head into town to try the Fish Fry at the Red Room.  We’d been there years ago when we lived in town but since we moved away 6 years ago things might have changed.  We are happy to report that things haven’t changed.  For $10 we got 2 pieces of fish, choice of potato and soup, salad and dessert bar.  It was good and I’m glad we decided to check it out.

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