To Pho or Not to Pho…that WAS the Question

Posted by on September 2, 2015

Last Saturday we had a double date day with Dan and Amanda.  We started out at the Madison Farmers Market which is situated around the Capitol Square.  This is a really nice market with oodles and oodles of stuff from fresh produce to bakery to fresh flowers to cheese to meats to jerkys to honey and lots of other things.

We made several purchases along the way – green beans, peppers, fingerling potatoes, jerky, some cookies and a small pie were just a few.  We even found some jalapeno cheddarwurst that are pretty similar to the Opa’s that we get in Texas.  They’re from D&G Sausage Shoppe in Poynette, which isn’t too far north of Madison so if we’re desperate we can always take a drive and pick up more but I think what we have will last us until we get back to Texas.

Amanda’s parents met us at the farmers market and then took the boys home with them while Michael, Dan and Amanda and I continued our ‘date day’.

Beef Pho - good stuff!

Beef Pho – good stuff!

We had planned to go to lunch at one of mine and Amanda’s favorite places, Ginza of Tokyo, but we found when we got there that they didn’t open until 4:30…bummer!  We decided to try the Vietnamese place in the same shopping center, Saigon Noodles.   Dan and Amanda had both eaten Vietnamese before but Michael and I had not.  Michael chickened out and got pork fried rice but I tried the beef pho and was very happy with my selection.

Mikey enjoying his pedicure and back massage

Mikey enjoying his pedicure and back massage

After lunch we drove over to the mall and all four of us got pedicures at Super Nails.  This is the first place Michael and I ever got pedicures done…it was for Amanda’s bachelorette party 5 years ago!  It’s always a nice treat to have your toes done….even the boys enjoy it so we usually do it while we’re together.

Michael and Dan inspecting the living room & dining room

Michael and Dan inspecting the living room & dining room

On our way home we stopped by to check on the progress of Dan and Amanda’s new home.  It’s really starting to take shape now as the dry wall is now in place.  This was also the first time we’d walked through it with Dan and Amanda so we got lots of little details we didn’t get when we walked through it on our own.

Michael on TOP of the hill...right at the edge

Michael on TOP of the hill…right at the edge

Sunday brought chores and games.  Michael and Dan pitched in together and got the lawn mowed. We’re up on a pretty high hill that made me pretty nervous for them to get near as Dan had tried mowing it previously and nearly dumped the mower over on himself.  Thankfully, Michael listened and didn’t try conquering the hill (where the grass will just have to grow!).

The three stategists....

The three strategists….

Dan had been begging to play Risk so I finally gave in and the four of us played a game.  I am not a strategical person by any means and was out fairly quickly.  Amanda had only played the game a few times and fell out not long after me leaving Dan and Michael to battle it out…although it wasn’t much of a battle and Dan came out the winner.  Hopefully, that quenches his thirst for Risk now!

Me and Terri...sideways because WordPress is not cooperating!

Me and Terri…sideways because WordPress is not cooperating!

On Tuesday of this week I met with my friend Terri for lunch at the Cook’s Room.  I met Terri when I first started working at Lands End as she was my supervisor.  Our work relationship soon turned into a friendship and we stayed close as we each moved to different areas of the company.  We tried to get together for lunch as much as possible.

When I moved away in 2009 we stayed in contact via Facebook but that was about it.  So I thought that we might have some awkward moments while we were at lunch but that didn’t happen at all.  We just kept talking non-stop for nearly 2 hours before we made ourselves get up from the table to pay our bills and head our separate ways.  We had such a nice time we hope to do it again before Michael and I leave next month.

Michael’s work on the coach continues.  He finally determined where one of the leaks is coming from.  It seems we have a small hole in the gray tank that holds the water from the shower and washing machine. Michael has ordered a tank repair kit from Amazon and hopes that that will do the trick.

He’s also in the process of ordering the items he’ll need to complete the underbelly work – coroplast, foil face sheeting and a tank heater for our Yeti package.  Depending on what the shipping will cost we may end up taking a drive to Elkhart to pick the items up ourselves.  Stay tuned….





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