Coach Maintenance, Friends and a Fish Fry Flop

Posted by on August 19, 2015

One of the first things that happened when we arrived at Dan & Amanda’s home was that Dan took our laptops and started the process of backing up the files on them and then he wiped everything off the hard drive and reinstalled everything in hopes that they would run smoother and faster.

Since we are currently sharing 40 gb of data between the 4 of us (4 phones and 4 laptops) he took our laptops and tablets over to his mother in laws home where there is unlimited data.  He was able to download any needed programs and do any necessary updates there.  My laptop had more data to upload to the ‘OneDrive’ so it took longer than Michael’s and I was happy to get it back yesterday.

Now it’s time to do some blogging!

Water heater and furnace  removed.  (Nothing wrong with the furnace)

Water heater and furnace removed. (Nothing wrong with the furnace)

We’ve been here in Dodgeville for 10 days now and Michael has been busy doing maintenance on the coach.  We’d noticed quite a while back that we had water dripping from the underbelly every now and again.  In order for Michael to investigate the leak we knew he’d have to take the underbelly down so he planned all along to wait until we got here where he’d have plenty of time and space to do the work.

He took all of our stuff out of the basement and put it in the basement of Dan and Amanda’s home so that he’d have easy access to the basement.  As soon as he got into the area behind the bulkhead wall he found water on the floor.  After investigating he found that the water was coming from the water heater. He immediately removed the water heater to determine whether it was something that could be fixed or if it needed to be replaced.

He determined that the leak was coming from the seam on the water heater.  He made several phone calls to our insurance company and an RV dealer about an hour away.  The RV dealer doesn’t do insurance work but said that if Michael brought the water heater in they would take a look at it and diagnose the problem and do a write-up so that we could turn that in to the insurance company.  He also made sure that the insurance company would be ok with that plan too.  Michael would remove the old faulty water heater, take it to the dealer, they’d diagnose and sell us a new unit and then Michael would reinstall the new water heater.  With everyone’s approval Michael had the RV dealer order the new water heater.

We got a phone call the very next morning letting us know that the new water heater was in and ready to be picked up.  We made the journey north to Baraboo the next day to pick up the new water heater and have the old one checked out.  Michael paid for the new one and then when it was time for them to diagnose the old one they refused to do it.  Saying that they’d changed their mind.  In that case, Michael had them refund the $958.74 that they charged him for the water heater and told them he’d just order it from Amazon where it was only $455.00!  Can you believe that?  A $500 difference!?!

The water heater arrived from Amazon 2 days later and since the weather was in the mid 90s and awfully humid Michael waited a couple of days for the temperature to cool down.  This past Monday he got it reinstalled (1 week from the day he removed it) and we now have hot water again!  It wasn’t a big deal as we’ve just been showering in Dan and Amanda’s house and heating water for dishes.

Lunch with Roy & Sally and Kim & Dottie

Lunch with Roy & Sally and Kim & Dottie

We did have one really good thing come out of our journey to Baraboo to pick up the water heater though.  We have Heartland friends that are workamping at Country Roads RV Park so we made arrangements to meet them for lunch at Pizza Ranch.  We were lucky enough that another couple from our Heartland family is staying at the park too and they joined us as well.

We had a really nice time catching up with everyone and I guess it showed when our lunch lasted 3 hours!  Our grandson, Alex, joined us for the ride and he had a great time telling ‘knock, knock’ jokes and playing with Roy….they’re kinda on the same level!

Amanda’s family had a garage sale over the last weekend and we added a few items and were pleasantly surprised when they sold at our asking price – a Wii with games and accessories and a Xbox 360 with games and accessories.  We also had our Weber Q 120 for sale as we want to move up to a 220 for a little more grilling room…but it didn’t sell.  Oh well.  Maybe we’ll try Craigslist.

Friday night we went out for a fish fry at the Highpoint Steakhouse in Ridgeway.  We’d been there several times years ago and their steaks were always very good.  The recent reviews said the fish fry was good so off we went.  There were 8 of us (Dan, Amanda & the boys, Amanda’s parents and Mike and I) and we all got fish, except for Dan who got a steak).  Dan was very happy with his steak….the rest of us…not so much.  Amanda and Mary Jo got baked fish and they found it to be very dry.  Michael, Gordy and I ordered the breaded fish and found that the breading was tough and WAY to much of it.  Bummer. The salad bar was good though!  🙂

Stick trim in the shower enclosure

Stick trim in the shower enclosure

While it was so hot out and Michael couldn’t get to the water heater he worked on one of the other projects that has been sitting on the back burner for a while.  He’d picked up 2 different kinds of trim while at Heartland back in June/July and finally took the time to utilize them.

The wallpaper seam behind the couch without the trim tape

The wallpaper seam behind the couch without the trim tape

The first type of trim was a hard ‘stick’ type that he wanted to use in the bathroom above the shower enclosure.  The movement of the coach seemed to have caused the shower enclosure to rub the wallpaper and left a mark that he didn’t care for so he used the trim to cover that up.  Surprisingly they still had trim that matched the wallpaper!


After the new seam tape was applied

The second type of trim was basically just seam tape that he used to replace a piece behind the couch that was starting to peel.  Since our coach is 4 years old and styles change quickly we were, once again, surprised that Heartland still had some trim on hand that matched ours.

With the water heater out of the way and the weather cooling off Michael was able to get back to working on the underbelly.  He’s pretty sure that our fresh water tank is leaking but still has to determine from where and how to fix it.  I’m sure that while he’s under there he’ll find other things he wasn’t to ‘fix’ or ‘redo’…just like when he was working on the water heater he had to rework the wiring on the electrical panel because it didn’t meet his standards.  It’s the nature of the beast.  :-/







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