Moving Day: Ixonia, WI To Dodgeville, WI

Posted by on August 12, 2015

Sunday 8/9

Since Michael wanted to install the 50 amp outlet at Dan and Amanda’s when we got there we decided to leave a little earlier than we normally would with only a little over 100 miles to travel.

After our usual ‘move day’ breakfast of breakfast sandwiches and fruit we made quick work of getting things stowed and hitching the truck up to the coach.

We pulled out of our site about 9:30 am and made a quick stop at the dump station.  We’ve been here 18 days with no sewer and our investment in a macerator pump helped us quite a bit but I’m sure it will be a life saver while we’re at Dan and Amanda’s.

We pulled away from the park at 9:47 am and had a nice smooth journey to Dan and Amanda’s arriving just 2 hours later.

Barnett Temporary Digs - Site 1

Barnett Temporary Digs – Site 1

The house they are renting sits on a pretty good hill but has a nice flat front yard.  Michael had some concerns about getting into our ‘site’ in the front yard but I knew he’d do just fine…and he did!  With Dan guiding him while I got some love from Ben and Alex they got the coach snuggled into site 1.

We got the coach settled, ran the slides out and opened the windows and then everyone hopped into 2 vehicles and headed into town to grab some lunch at A&W.  Ahhhh…

Back home Michael and Dan went right to work at adding a 50 amp RV outlet so that we’d have power.  In less than an hour the air conditioner was cooling off the inside of the coach.  Great job, guys!  They set it up so that it was just a temporary addition and Michael will take the box and wire with us when we leave.

A friendly card game

A friendly card game

With that out of the way and the boys napping we made time for a game of Sheepshead with Michael being the winner.  We’ll get him back as I’m sure that was the first game of many.

Our laptops are nearly 6 years old and with our son being a ‘techie’ it was time for an overhaul.  Dan started with mine – backing up all my files and then wiping everything off so he could start fresh.  He was able to get most everything reinstalled but wanted a better internet connection to finish everything.  He has a better connection at his mother in laws so he’ll finish there.



4 Responses to Moving Day: Ixonia, WI To Dodgeville, WI

  1. Richard C. Parsons

    Can you please tell me how you rigged up a 50 amp box that you can take with you. Thank you. Richard C. Parsons

    • Michael

      Good morning Richard. To start with, I am a shade tree electrician. Not a school trained one but, I do know my way around pretty good. At this location, our son is only going to live here for about another two months and will be moving into a house that is being built as we speak. With the electrical panel being a 200 Amp Service it had plenty of room to add another circuit breaker, but since it already had one not being used (for a future hot tub), i just used that breaker. I purchased a 50 foot coil of 8/3 wire and a 50 amp RV outdoor panel at a local Hardware store. I did not completely staple the wire as required every 5 foot or so, and when we are done here will just remove my wire and box. It is not really a take and use item. But if I can use it somewhere else, I will have it. It cost me about 100 dollars, and a breaker would be another 15 dollars or so. Hope this helps.

  2. Jan Spaulding

    Love your posts but the paneling makes it hard to read for those of us with poor eye sight. Just thought I would mention it. – Jan

    • Kelly

      Thanks Janis! Sorry you’re having an issue with the paneling. But the paneling should only be a border and all of the wording should be showing up on a white background. Is it not?

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