Wrapping Up, Impromptu Lunch & A Cream Puff

Posted by on August 8, 2015

Since we’re moving tomorrow today was a day of move prepping.  Normally Michael does the outside work while I do the inside stuff.  However, since his back is still not in the best shape I had to lend a hand with the outside work.

It was pretty overcast this morning and we wanted to make sure everything got put away before it rained (if it did).  So after breakfast we headed outside and got things stowed (grill & table, chairs, stools & end tables, items Michael had out to work on projects, a ladder, etc.)

I had to continuously ‘yell’ and Michael to not bend or pick up items that could possibly set his healing back….he doesn’t listen too well.  I ended up having to ask one of the park guys to help me lift a big old huge mat, that Michael purchased for a project, into the bed of the truck.

Zweig's Restaurant

Zweig’s Restaurant

With those chores done we set off in the truck to get it fueled up.  On the way to get fuel we decided that a burger sounded good so we made a U-turn and headed to Watertown.

Burgers, fries and onion rings

Burgers, fries and onion rings

We found Zweig’s to have good reviews.  It’s just a small little place…but those tend to be our favorites.  Our waitress, Natalie, was awesome – friendly, informative and helpful.  We each ordered a cheese burger with various toppings and shared and order of fries and onion rings.  The burgers were great and the fries crispy.  However, we weren’t impressed with the onion rings.  We’d definitely like to go back.

After our impromptu lunch we accomplished what we had originally headed out to do…we fueled up…both tanks since diesel was $2.51 per gallon…not bad for the area.  $175.00 later and we were headed back home.

Getting his 'putzing' fix

Getting his ‘putzing’ fix

Once back home we tore down the satellite dish (nothing recording today/tonight) and stowed it in the basement.  With that done I ended up in the house working on my inside moving day chores while Michael stayed outside and did some prep work on the 50 amp box that he’ll be installing at Dan’s house tomorrow after we arrive.  As he was working the rain finally came…but not much of it…just some sprinkles.  He eventually gathered his work and brought it in the house and finished his prep-work inside rather than outside.  (Wouldn’t ya know that it pretty much stopped raining once we’d gotten everything inside?)

Cream Puff Delivery Crew

Cream Puff Delivery Crew

The Wisconsin State Fair is currently going on in Milwaukee and we had plans to go yesterday but with Michael’s current back issues it just wasn’t possible.

Dan & Amanda and the boys along with

Just as yummy as expected!

Just as yummy as expected!

Amanda’s parents went today to celebrate Amanda’s sister Ashley’s birthday.  They were kind enough on the way back home to stop by here and drop off a wonderful care package.

One of the big traditions of the State Fair is the Cream Puff and since I’ve never been to the fair or had a cream puff it’s what I was looking forward to the most.  But I got my cream puff after all…thanks to Dan, Amanda, Mary Jo, Gordy, Alex & Ben!


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