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Mexican, Timbavati, Birthday Boy, Soccer, An Owie and Tinkering

Time seems to be flying.  We’ve just been chugging along. Since we moved away from Dodgeville in September 2009 there have been several new restaurants open up so we’re on a mission to give them a try. Last week we gave the new Mexican restaurant, Aztlan, a go.  Dan, Amanda and the boys joined us … Continue reading »

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A Little Skin Off Of Michael’s Back

More than a year ago I noticed a blemish on Michael’s back about the size of a dime.  It was kind of rectangular in shape, rough and skin colored.  A few weeks ago it seemed to have changed color and looked kinda ‘angry’ so we decided to make an appointment with a dermatologist here in … Continue reading »

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Coach Maintenance, Friends and a Fish Fry Flop

One of the first things that happened when we arrived at Dan & Amanda’s home was that Dan took our laptops and started the process of backing up the files on them and then he wiped everything off the hard drive and reinstalled everything in hopes that they would run smoother and faster. Since we … Continue reading »

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Moving Day: Ixonia, WI To Dodgeville, WI

Sunday 8/9 Since Michael wanted to install the 50 amp outlet at Dan and Amanda’s when we got there we decided to leave a little earlier than we normally would with only a little over 100 miles to travel. After our usual ‘move day’ breakfast of breakfast sandwiches and fruit we made quick work of … Continue reading »

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Wrapping Up, Impromptu Lunch & A Cream Puff

Since we’re moving tomorrow today was a day of move prepping.  Normally Michael does the outside work while I do the inside stuff.  However, since his back is still not in the best shape I had to lend a hand with the outside work. It was pretty overcast this morning and we wanted to make … Continue reading »

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