A Week In Rockford

Posted by on July 22, 2015
Aunt Mary's

Aunt Mary’s

Thursday morning we went to Aunt Mary’s for breakfast.  Our niece, Crystal, recently bought the place, which has been a Rockford landmark for years.

My favorite - eggs benedict

My favorite – eggs benedict

Our breakfasts were very good (eggs benedict for me!) but what was even better was getting the chance to sit down and chat with Crystal.  Thankfully it wasn’t very busy and Crystal had time to spend with us.

Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns & biscuits and gravy for Mikey

Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns & biscuits and gravy for Mikey

We hadn’t seen Crystal in a good 20 years – since she was a teenager – and it was really great to get to know the adult Crystal.

We needed to pick up eggs and water so we stopped at Walmart to get those items.  While we were there we sat in the parking lot where our mifi had signal and I finished up a blog post I’d started before our service was so spotty.

Jane (in the foreground) is a juvenile T-Rex, her skeleton is nearly all in tact...only parts are reproductions.

Jane (in the foreground) is a juvenile T-Rex, her skeleton is nearly all in tact…only parts are reproductions.

On Saturday we ventured into Rockford where we visited the Burpee Museum of Natural History.  It’s a small museum but for the $8 admission fee they have quite the dinosaur and mineral exhibits.

Yep...the sign says it all...

Yep…the sign says it all…

For an additional $5 we opted to visit the traveling exhibit pertaining to dinosaur that once lived underwater.   It was pretty cool too.

We wandered around for nearly 3 hours before we figured we’d seen everything and our tummy’s were getting hungry.

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick is originally from Rockford and I’d read an article where he recommended several things to do in the area and dining at the Stockholm Inn was on that list (so was visiting the Burpee Museum) so that was our plan for dinner.

The Stockholm Inn is a nondescript building in a strip mall

The Stockholm Inn is a nondescript building in a strip mall

We planned for an early dinner (4:00 pm) as that is when the Saturday smorgasboard opens.  We weren’t sure if we’d go with that or order from the menu so we perused the offerings when we arrived and both decided to go with the smorgasboard.

Since we were there when the smorgasboard started everything was nice and fresh.  There were several Swedish offerings (Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, Swedish pancakes, dumplings, Swedish baked rice, etc) as well as ham, chicken, roast beef, fish, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, macaroni & cheese, baked beans, potato casserole, scalloped corn, mixed veggies, soups, a nice salad bar, various breads and several desserts.

The food was good…nothing spectacular…but good.   It would certainly be a place I’d recommend, especially if someone was looking for some Swedish food.

It has been fairly warm since we got here….nearly 90 every day, which isn’t so bad in itself…but when you throw in humidity levels in 80 percent area it’s like a slap in the face when you walk out the door.

Sunday morning while Michael was doing dishes the handle for the kitchen faucet went limp.  It didn’t break off but just kinda ‘hung’ there.  We figured we were in for another expense so Michael started looking online at similar faucets (Moen brand though) and was seeing prices in excess of $200.  Ouch!

He took another look at the handle and found that there was a ‘hidden’ screw that he could get to using and allen wrench.  Once he was able to get to the ‘hidden’ screw and tightened it up the handle was as good as new!  Whew….dodged that expensive bullet!

My Turkey Cranberry Wrap...good stuff!

My Turkey Cranberry Wrap…good stuff!

Monday afternoon we needed to make a grocery run so we headed into town.  It’s not good to go shopping when you’re hungry so we figured the best thing to do was to rectify that by stopping at Aunt Mary’s for lunch and another visit with Crystal!

We had perfect timing as Crystal had just sat down to eat too!  Michael was in the mood for a good old burger and that’s exactly what he got.  I ordered a Turkey Cranberry Wrap….and it was HUGE!  Once again we enjoyed the food but the company was what really roped us in.

Faithlynne and her Nana getting their swinging on

Faithlynne and her Nana getting their swinging on

Tuesday afternoon Crystal, Justice, WT and Faithlynne came by for dinner.  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had potato salad, fruit salad, chips, baked beans etc.  We had another wonderful visit with lots of laughter.

A friendly(?) game of tetherball

A friendly(?) game of tetherball

We all walked over to the play area so that Faithlynne (and the boys) could play on the swings, slides and merry-go-round.  We were really surprised at how nice of a play area it was….older equipment but it seemed to be in good shape and nicely maintained.

Back home Michael started a fire which we all gathered around and tried to avoid the mosquitoes, which was pretty much a losing battle.  We ignored them the best we could for an hour or so but I’m sure we’ll all be ‘itching’ for a while.

We’ve had such a nice visit here…so glad we added it to our itinerary!  Tomorrow we move to Wisconsin!

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