Laziness….Pure Laziness….Ahhhhh

Posted by on July 13, 2015

Friday 7/10

Just like last year when we were here at Great Lakes we both slept really well….I’m pretty sure that once I turned out the light I never moved until 5:40 am.  I fell back to sleep and woke up to the sound of ‘pow, pow, pow…pow, pow, pow…pow, pow, pow’…just can’t beat living on a military base and all the sights and sounds that go along with it!

The weather was wonderful and we slept with ALL windows open…so maybe that helped us to get a great night sleep?  Who knows?  Whatever it is…we’ll take it!

We ran a few errands the most important being Michael getting a haircut as he was fast becoming a hippie or the Shaggy D.A….your choice.  We went to the barber in the NEX (PX for us Army folk) mall and the woman did a nice job and also gave his beard a nice trim too.

We took a walk around the PX and Michael found a cart for our Weber Q 120.  He’d been researching for a while and we found that it was $10.00 less than on Amazon so we decided to get one now.  Click HERE for a link to the Amazon page for this product.

The PX and Commissary here are located next door to each other (which is most common) so we just had to walk next door to get our grocery shopping done before we headed back home.  Easy peasy.

Great way to make pizza!

Great way to make pizza!

I tried something new for dinner…grilled pizza.  I’d picked up some frozen pizza dough, which we thawed and quartered (1/2 went back in the freezer).  We each used a quarter of the dough and made our own personalized pizzas.  They turned out good with a nice crispy crust but the toppings could have used a little more cook time.  Next time we’ll cook them a little slower so that the toppings get cooked some more.

Saturday 7/11

We had a wonderfully lazy day.  We hung out in our pj’s and watched movies until mid-afternoon.

We took a break from movie watching to do a couple of chores.  Michael got the ladder out for me so that I could wash the windows on the coach…the back living room window was in pretty rough shape.

Out with the old...

Out with the old… with the new!

….in with the new!

While I worked on the windows Michael changed out the last 2 light switches in the house.  A couple of years ago he switched out all the others from the icky RV switches to nice, dark brown switches.  We’d left the 2 switches in the living room (they were different from the other RV switches) but Michael decided while we were in Elkhart that it was time to change them as well.

When our chores were done we gathered our shower supplies and clean clothes and headed over to the marina to take showers.  They have decent shower rooms that are spacious and clean so we don’t mind going there to shower while we’re here.

The remainder of the day consisted of watching a couple more movies, grilled pork tenderloin for dinner and Amish fried pies for dessert.

Sunday 7/12

Another lazy day.  We chatted with the young couple on our off-door side for a while.  They’re both 22 and were married in December.  He’s here for school until November and have been here a little over a week at this point.  I can’t imagine living her for 4+ months with No water and No sewer.  Eek!  Good luck to them.

We spent the afternoon on the patio relaxing – reading, Facebooking, people watching and enjoying the view.

Meet Chris & John

Meet Chris & John

We spent some time chatting with the 65-year-old couple on our door-side.  He lives in Chicago…she in Delavan, Wisconsin.  They’re here for 2 weeks with an old camper that they just purchased and this is their first camping trip with it.  The camper holds 20 gallons of water and they dumped 10 of it when they first got here and didn’t realize they the low-point water drains were open.  They had no idea why there were losing water…Michael went over and helped them out.  Might be a rough 2 weeks if you’re not familiar with camping and you have No water and No sewer.  Eek!  Good luck to them.

We utilized the grill again for dinner.  Tonight was hobo packets – ground beef, onions, potatoes, carrots and seasonings.  Very easy and quite tasty…something we haven’t done in a long time (since our ‘camping’ days) but both agreed we needed to do it more often.

We’ve had a great couple of days here and are looking forward to the remaining couple of days.



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