Travel Day: Elkhart, IN To Great Lakes Naval Base, IL

Posted by on July 9, 2015

We started out with rain first thing this morning but thankfully Michael had done most of his travel prep last night so he didn’t have to be out in it too much.  The biggest thing was to take down and stow the satellite dish.

There goes GOOD people

There goes GOOD people

Dorothy & Eric pulled out (after we exchanged hugs and handshakes) just a few minutes after 9:00 heading over to Heartland to have their outside speakers tweaked and from their they plan to spend a few days at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds where they can relax and listen to the sound of the clip clop of the Amish horses as they go by…lucky ducks!

We only had about 195 miles to travel today and weren’t able to check in at the FamCamp until 1:00 pm so we weren’t in any hurry.  We planned to pull out about 11:00 am and ended up pulling out about 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Trying to avoid tolls, accidents & crazy traffic we headed north into Michigan and went west on US 12 and then south on I-94 which took us down and around Lake Michigan.  We chose to take I294 (the Tri-state tollway) north through the western suburbs of Chicago.  We normally just head straight up I94 through the center of the city and have always said we need to do something different.

Today’s route went really well.  We didn’t hit any construction at all and no crazy stupid traffic.  The only draw back was that we got hit with $13.45 worth of tolls…however, I almost think it was worth it to not have to deal with the crazy stupid Chicago traffic.

Filling the the fresh water tank

Filling the fresh water tank

We made decent time and arrived at Great Lakes Naval Base about 3 3/4 hours after we left Elkhart. We’d called ahead to find out our site number so that we could drop the coach off before going over to the Navy Lodge to check in.  The roads and parking at/near the Navy Lodge are not suitable for a big rig.

What a great place for a training exercise...gorgeous!

What a great place for a training exercise…gorgeous!

However, before pulling into our site we went over to Nunn Beach (just down the road) to fill up the fresh tank with water.  We only have 30 amp here so we will have to conserve water as much as possible.  We’ll take showers up at the bathhouse.  Not a big deal for 6 days.

The water filled pretty slowly but I was entertained by watching a group of Navy recruits do some exercise on the beach…Michael was sure that they were going to go swimming but they never did before we left.

Snuggled into site 17

Snuggled into site 17

Once we were backed into our site Michael went up to the Navy Lodge to get us checked in and I stayed home to get the house squared away.

Can't beat the view from our front yard!

Can’t beat the view from our front yard!

The day started out rainy and gloomy but by the time we started our trek north on I-94 the sky turned blue and the sun came out.  It was a perfect back drop for our view of Lake Michigan.  The campground sits on the shore of Lake Michigan and our site is on the lake side of the campground, just as it was a year ago.  You can read about the last time we were here…HERE.

Last year when we were here we were only here a few days but we liked it so much we decided to come back and stay a little longer.  We’ll be here until next Wednesday and don’t have a whole lot planned other than relaxing and enjoying the views of beautiful Lake Michigan.

We had a nice, easy taco dinner, watched some TV, enjoyed a piece of pie from Amish country and plan to call it a night quite early.  We’re finally out of Eastern Standard Time where it doesn’t get dark until nearly 10:00 pm which tended to put our bodies WAY out of whack.  Hoping that now that we’re back in Central Standard Time we can get back into some sort of routine.

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