Last Few Days in Amish Country

Posted by on July 9, 2015

Tuesday 7/7

Wouldn't be a ride through Elkhart without being stopped by a train at least once!

Wouldn’t be a ride through Elkhart without being stopped by a train at least once!

A few days ago I read on one of the blogs that I follow, that friends we met through Jay & Stella back in the spring of 2013, were going to be in Shipshewana for a few days this week.  We’d tried to connect a couple of times in the past and it just never seemed to work out.  Today it did!  We made plans to meet for lunch.

We had a few errands to run before heading over to Shipshewana so we left the house about 10:30.  Michael had picked up a couple of light switches at RV Factory Surplus but after getting them home we decided to get the dark brown (to match all the others in the house) rather than the off-white that he had purchased.   While he was there exchanging the light switches he also picked up several feet of underbelly tape as he has plans to work on our underbelly this summer.

All's well!

All’s well!

On our way out of town we made a quick stop at MORryde to check on Jim & Nancy’s coach again.  Just by looking at the placement of the power cord it didn’t look like it had been moved yet.  Michael went inside to be sure that the ac and refrigerator were still doing their thing and they were…it was even more evident that nothing had been moved by looking at the clock on the microwave.  Michael had set the clock so that we could tell for sure whether the coach had been unplugged from the power or not.  The clock still showed the time.  Hopefully they’ll get the work done before Jim & Nancy come back to pick it up.

Our last stop was at E&S Sales.  I had a few items I wanted to pick up (dry French onion soup being one) before we head out of the area.  Picked up some fried pies to enjoy while we’re at Great Lakes…yummy stuff.

Lunch with Texas friends Ted & Donna

Lunch with Texas friends Ted & Donna

Our timing was perfect as Ted & Donna arrived just before us and Donna already had gotten a table.  We’d opted to meet at the Auction Restaurant which is right on the main drag and is Amish owned and operated.  Michael and I were there last year and had enjoyed it and he’d wanted to stop again this year so it worked out perfect.

Michael and I each started with a bowl of broccoli soup that was very very good.  It was a little on the chilly side – not quite 70 and rainy so that soup was perfect!  Michael ordered fried chicken and I went with chicken and noodles.  Michael decided to skip dessert but I couldn’t pass up a slice of banana cream pie.  They always have 10 or 12 different flavors of pie and they’re always very good…today was no exception.

Had to stop and chat with these guys as we left the Auction Restaurant

Had to stop and chat with these guys as we left the Auction Restaurant

We had a really nice time catching up with Ted & Donna – discussing our RV adventures, kids, grandkids and our recent cruise as well as their upcoming cruise.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary earlier this year and are going on a cruise with the children and grandchildren to continue the celebration.

We made a couple of  stops on our way home and got a text message from Dorothy somewhere along the way saying that they were going to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with another Heartland couple did we want to join them?  Turn down time with family?  No way!  So we agreed.

Woohoo!  We have neighbors!

Woohoo! We have neighbors!

When we got home we found the Eric and Dorothy had moved from the Heartland service center to site 416, right behind us!  Woohoo!  We chatted for a little while before Michael and I went home to work on a few projects before it was time to leave for dinner.

Dinner with Virginia and Maryland friends!

Dinner with Virginia and Maryland friends!

We rode with Eric & Dorothy while Judy and Calvin followed in their truck.  We had a nice meal with enjoying excellent company.

Judy and Calvin are staying at the KOA in Middlebury so they headed that way while the rest of us headed back to our park.

When we got home we visited at Dorothy & Eric’s for a while before heading over to our place for the night.  We’ve been so blessed to be able to spend more time with our friends while we’ve been here in Indiana.

Wednesday 7/8

Since Heartland has been so good to us Michael and I wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation so this morning we picked up 3 dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts and dropped them off at the service center for the techs and office staff to enjoy.

Grandma's House of Pancakes

Grandma’s House of Pancakes

Since we were out and about at 8:00 am (unusual for us these days) we decided to go out for breakfast. We’d heard good things about Grandma’s so that’s where we headed.  We were a bit surprised at the prices at first but then found that we were served large portions of food.  Michael ordered 2 eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and pancakes and got 4 eggs!  We now understand that if you ordered 1 egg…you get 2, order 2 eggs…you get 4.  Will certainly keep them in mind in the future.  Even my eggs Benedict came with 4 eggs.



Back at home Michael worked on finishing up his stabilizer jack project.  It was all painted…it just needed to be reassembled and then remounted on the back of the coach.  Since the old bolts were rusted and icky he had a couple that broke off when he tried to remove them so he had to make some adjustments as to placement when he reinstalled.  But as with most of his projects they look great and work great too.

...and after

…and after

While Michael finished up his project I worked on stowing items for tomorrow’s travels, did some laundry (hate having dirty clothes in the hamper when we travel…don’t ask me why), did a few other odds and ends and worked on this blog post.

A parting picture from Amish country

A parting picture from Amish country

Eric and Dorothy invited us over for ‘old fashioned burgers’ tonight and we happily accepted.  Eric grilled the burgers and Dorothy put together a salad and doctored up some baked beans and I brought over a cucumber salad and we had a great meal in no time!

We ate dinner outside on the picnic table despite the chilly temperature (68ish) but soon after finishing we headed inside to enjoy some yummy ice cream for dessert.  We continued visiting until we heard rain drops on the roof.  That was our cue to head home as Michael still had things outside that needed to be stowed and I had laundry that needed to be folded and put away.

I ended up turning on the fireplace (in July!) to warm the house up for a little while as the temp inside was about 60 degrees.  Didn’t take long before it was more comfortable in the house and we were able to relax and sit down to watch the most recent episode of ‘Zoo’.



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  1. Dorothy

    Had such a good time having family for neighbors! May God Bless you with safe travels. Look forward to seeing you down the road. Love and hugs from Dorothy and Eric

    • Kelly

      We had just as good of a time, probably even more…we love you two! Safe travels to you….until we meet again!

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