Errands & Dinner With Friends

Posted by on July 6, 2015

Michael spent a good while on the phone with Lippert ordering some parts for the stabilizer jacks.  A couple of years ago (neither of us can remember the circumstances) the jack got bent and Michael was able to pound it out to straighten it as best as he could but now that he had it apart he wanted to replaced the bent pieces as well as several nuts and bolts that were rusted.

He got the parts that he wanted ordered and we made plans to drive over to the South Bend office to pick them up.  We had several other errands to run so that was no big deal.

Lippert - South Bend, Indiana

Lippert – South Bend, Indiana

Our first stop was at Heartland to sign the paperwork for the work that was done on the coach.  Before long we were on our way and headed toward South Bend where Michael was directed to pick up the items that he ordered from Lippert.

After picking his items up at Lippert we drove back to Elkhart and stopped at RV Factory Surplus (again) and picked up some underbelly tape and were once again on our way.  The last stop was at Martin’s to pick up a few items.

We made a quick stop at the RV park office to let them know that we’d be staying a 7th day.  We’d paid for a week but were only going to stay 6 days since we’d originally planned to leave on the 8th but after talking it over we’re just going to stay the entire week and make our stay at Great Lakes Naval Base a day shorter.

Michael dropped me off at home and then headed back out to Lowes to find some bolts, washers & nuts that he needed for the stabilizer jacks.  While he was gone I turned the pot of spaghetti sauce back on to continue to simmer (I started it before we left this morning) and then sliced some strawberries and got them marinating.

All set to be 'charged'!

All set to be ‘charged’!

Michael’s back is still causing him grief so he finally broke out the TENS unit that he was given by the VA in San Antonio this spring.  We hooked the leads up to his problem areas and then turned on the power and he started feeling little electrical pulses.  (TENS machines works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands).  Not sure if this will help or not…but it’s worth a shot.

Our friends Eric & Dorothy drove all the way from Appomattox, Virginia (12 hours!) to pick up their coach from Heartland today so we decided that have such a long drive we’d treat them to dinner.  I made my Mama’s spaghetti sauce and threw in some garlic bread and for dessert we had strawberry shortcake. Nothing fancy…just some home cookin’ from Kelly’s Kitchen.

I got scolded for taking a picture when they had their mouths full...oops!  LO

I got scolded for taking a picture when they had their mouths full…oops! LO

Dorothy and Eric arrived about 6:00 pm.  We had such a wonderful time visiting without the chaos of a rally going on in the background.  They are two of the sweetest people you ever want to meet and I’m so glad that we were able to get some one on one time with them.  They’re in the area for a couple of days so hopefully we’ll be able to get together again before we pull out on Thursday.


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