Long Lost Heartland Friends

Posted by on July 5, 2015

Friday 7/3

We spent a good portion of the morning and afternoon working on getting our home back in order.  I unpacked boxes and put items back in the kitchen cabinets and also in the entertainment center.  I still have the cabinet that holds the glasses and the remainder of the entertainment center to finish.

While I unpacked Michael worked on cleaning the refrigerator.  We have a handy-dandy little gadget that slips into place and holds the 4 doors of the refrigerator slightly ajar so that when not in use it doesn’t get moldy/mildewy.  Unfortunately, while the coach was at the ‘spa’ that little gadget was removed and neatly set inside the refrigerator and then the doors were all closed.  Ugh…mold and mildew had a little field day.  But thanks to Michael’s OCD the refrigerator and freezer are both now sparkling.

Mid-afternoon I left Michael at home and headed over to Martin’s Supermarket a mile away.  After 11 days of eating out I was hankering for some good home cooked food.  Fresh fruits and vegetables called my name as I wandered the aisles.  Since the refrigerator and freezer both had to be completely cleared out I had no meat, breakfast foods, breads…pretty much all we had were some condiments.

Our first home cooked meal in AGES

Our first home cooked meal in AGES

I got all the ingredients for a yummy supper.  The weather has been so gorgeous that we enjoyed sitting outside while our dinner cooked on the grill…ribeyes, potato packets, corn on the cob and asparagus.  Everything was perfect.

After dinner we took a walk around the campground and then settled into our recliners to watch some TV (Alaskan Bush People) for retiring for the night.

Saturday 7/4

Poor guy never knows what to expect when he falls asleep and I have my trusty camera!

Poor guy never knows what to expect when he falls asleep and I have my trusty camera!

Michael’s back and neck have been bothering him for about a week now (probably due, in part, to the hotel bed) and it really amped up yesterday…enough that he finally took some muscle relaxers before bed.

The meds helped him sleep but didn’t do a whole lot for his pain so he spent most of the day resting and hoping that would help.  His meds seemed to hit him harder than normal and he slept for a good part of the day.

I got the last of the boxes unpacked and all that is left is some odds and ends that Michael needs to put away.  The house is finally start to have some semblance of order again!

Using the new grill mat I purchased at the rally.  Worked great!

Using the new grill mat I purchased at the rally. Worked great!

We had another delicious grilled dinner – ribs, baked beans, macaroni & cheese & cole slaw.  It’s been so nice to sit outside while our dinner cooks and then to sit at the picnic table to enjoy our dinner.  The only bad thing is that the picnic table benches are so low to the ground that it makes being comfortable a real challenge!

We took another walk around the campground after dinner and were surprised at how quiet it actually is for being the 4th of July.  There were several campfires going and quite a few people just sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Sunday 7/5

After a day of rest Michael’s neck was feeling considerably better…his back always gives him trouble and hadn’t improved a whole lot.

In deep thought while contemplating how he wants this project to go

In deep thought while contemplating how he wants this project to go

He was feeling good enough to start a project he’s been wanting to get at for quite a while though.  Our stabilizer jacks have been making a terrible noise when the lower and raise and need a good lubricating. However, Michael being Michael, had to take that a few steps further.  He completely removed them from the underside of the coach and plans to clean the whole thing up, then paint them to look good as new and of course, lube them up good so we know longer sound like we have a mourning dog with us each time they’re raised or lowered.

We received a sad phone call from our son, Zack, last night just before midnight.  Kelsea’s Grandpa was mowing the grass yesterday (7/4) and had a freak accident where the mower overturned on him and he passed away from the resulting injuries.  It just so happens that it was his 88th birthday too.  Please keep Kelsea and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Using the new 'Miracle Skewers' we got at the rally too!  Pretty snazzy!

Using the new ‘Miracle Skewers’ we got at the rally too! Pretty snazzy!

We enjoyed another home cooked meal for tonight’s dinner.  Those 11 days of eating out will last us for a while.  Tonight was one of my favorite meals – chicken kebabs served with rice, corn on the cob and cucumber salad.  You could add onions and peppers or whatever veggies you’d like to the kebabs but I like ’em with just the chicken.

We had a very pleasant surprise this evening when we got a knock on our door and our fellow AlaMissiBamaSsippi chapter members, Pat & Wyndy, greeted us!  We’ve not seen them since April 2012 when we went to a rally in Gulf Shores, Alabama and then they ended up staying at our home park in Montgomery, Alabama for a few nights on their way north to their home in Rogersville.  The perfect way to end our day!



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