Home at Last, Home at Last!

Posted by on July 3, 2015

Tuesday 6/30

A fairly quiet day.  The biggest happening was that I had an appointment at Heartland to meet with Jim Fenner, Director of Dealer Services.  Since we were still in the area I’d been asked by our newsletter editor, Erika, to interview Jim about the new service facility that opened up the day that we dropped our coach off to have work done.

Jim in the new customer lounge

Jim in the new customer lounge

I had a really nice chat with Jim and then we took a walk around the facilities so that I could take a few pictures.  He also took me on a short tour of the building his office is in and explained some renovations that will be going on there in the next few months.

When I was done meeting with Jim I stopped at the service center to get an update on the coaches progress.  I could see right away that the kitchen/living room slide was back in place, which was a huge step forward.

I spoke with Greg, who told me that they had just got the slide back in place with in the last couple of hours and now all they needed was get it in for paint and caulking etc and it would be ready for us to pick up on Thursday afternoon.  Woohoo!

Wednesday 7/1

Another nice, quiet day….nothing other than doing a couple of loads of laundry in the hotel washing machine and getting things packed up and either put in the truck or ready to go into in the morning.

We had pizza from Jet’s delivered to the room for dinner.  The crust and toppings were good, however, neither of us cared much for the sauce…couldn’t quite put our finger on why…but just not to our liking.

Thursday 7/2

We got some breakfast, finished packing, got all of our stuff taken out to the truck and were checking out of the hotel a little before 11:00 am.

Since we had some time to spare before we picked up the coach we decided to take in a movie.  We weren’t sure what to see but after talking with the front desk woman at the hotel we ended up seeing “Max”.  We’d never heard of it but from her description it sounded good.  So glad we listened to her as we really enjoyed the movie.

Ready to roll!

Ready to roll!

We went right from the theater over to pick up the coach…less than 2 miles away.  They were waiting for us when we got there and showed us everything that had been done.  I’d been a bit concerned about the inside of the house being a wreck but was pleasantly surprised to find everything as we’d left it….even after they’d removed the entire slide!

We’d asked them to replace the front generator door that had been boogered up when the tailgate was left down and we’d driven off not realizing it was down.  They’d had to order it and it hadn’t arrived yet. If it comes in before we leave next Wednesday we’ll stop and have them install it on our way out of town. If not, they’ll just ship it to our son’s home and Michael will install it.

After getting hitched up to the coach we headed over to Elkhart Campground, a mind-boggling 3.3 mile drive!  We made great time and got to our destination with no issues.  LOL

Elkhart Campground - site

Elkhart Campground – site

We got checked in, found our site and settled in fairly easy.  We even got a little unpacking done before we decided we needed some sustenance….the popcorn at the movie hadn’t gone very far and it was going on 5:00 pm.

Just before leaving we lost all power to the coach and Michael found that the problem was coming from the campground’s power pole.  He tried to flip the breaker but didn’t work at first but have a few minutes he was able to get it to work and the power came back on.  On our way to get some dinner we stopped at the office and he let the person at the desk know what had happened.  When we got back home Michael found that they had replaced the 50 amp circuit breaker and we haven’t had an issue since.

A home-cooked meal was high on the list…but with the refrigerator not having been run for the past 11 days (it would need some time to cool) and no food to speak of we ended up at Olive Garden for dinner.  We went with the 2 for $25 deal and both order the Creamy Chicken Firenze.  The sauce had a lemony flavor which Michael liked…I wasn’t that pleased with it…you win some, you lose some.  We both had plenty of leftovers to bring home for another meal.

We made a quick run over to check on Jim & Nancy’s coach after dinner.  Doesn’t look like it has been moved at all yet.  The refrigerator/freezer temps were good and both ac’s were doing what they were supposed to be doing.  All’s well…we’ll check back again in a few days.

We got back home about 7:00 pm and ended up chatting with our door-side neighbor for a good while. He and his wife are from Texas and just started full-timing June 1. They’re scheduled to have some work done on their motorhome late next week and until then are enjoying visiting the area.

We ended up staying up later than normal for us…11:00 pm…and when we went to bed the fridge was already down to 39 degrees!  Woohoo!  Can you say ‘grocery shopping and home cooked meal’??



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