Putzer’s Heaven

Posted by on June 30, 2015

Monday 6/29

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See that beautiful artwork on the fridge??  Future Picasso's and Rembrandt's...that's my grandbabies!

See that beautiful artwork on the fridge?? Future Picasso’s and Rembrandt’s…that’s my grandbabies!

We started the day with a stop at Heartland to check on the coach.  We found that work on the frame flex was completed and they were just waiting for the floor for the slide to arrive so that they could install it and get everything put back together again (kinda like Humpty Dumpty!).  It’s pretty strange to be able to view your grandchildren’s artwork on your refrigerator from outside the service bay!  Some might be freaked out about seeing a big old hole in the side of their coach but I have nothing but faith (and respect) in the techs at Heartland…they’re some good people…just like Heartland owners.

The service manager hoped that the coach would be ready on Wednesday but wasn’t certain as getting that huge slide floor in and getting the slide back into place was going to be a big job.  I left with the thought that it probably wouldn’t be ready until Thursday.

Just one of the 3 buildings holding the various treasures that make up Bontrager's

Just one of the 3 buildings holding the various treasures that make up Bontrager’s

We were able to make our trek into Michigan today.  It wasn’t much of a trek…just 24 miles away to White Pigeon, Michigan home of Bontrager’s RV Surplus Inc.  Michael had come across an ad for the place in a brochure that we’d collected and was intrigued so we made plans to make the journey.

We’d originally planned to go on Saturday but found out that Saturday is the one day of the week that they’re closed so we altered our plans and Monday ended up being the new day to visit.

Shelf after shelf of RV goodies

Shelf after shelf of RV goodies

The place is made up of 4 buildings, 3 of which hold pretty much anything you might want or need for your RV or even your sticks and bricks.  Furniture, comforters, foldable shelving, molding, awnings, axles, windows, doors, wallpaper border, fabric, throw pillows, sinks, mattresses etc…they pretty much have it all.

Michael in putzers heaven!

Michael in putzers heaven!

We spent almost 2 hours there and I think that Michael could have spent even more time wandering but didn’t want me to wait too long.  I waited in the truck with my handy-dandy smartphone most of the time.  But I did wander around 2 of the 3 buildings checking out all the goodies…they just don’t excite me quite as much as they do Michael so I’d go back to the truck and wait for him to finish in one building and when he went to the next I’d join him.

It started raining lightly while we were at Bontrager’s and continued for most of the afternoon.  It wasn’t bad at all and was kind of nice to feel the rain while I waited.

Nice place with some 'Neat Stuff'!

Nice place with some ‘Neat Stuff’!

We drove back through Shipshewana and stopped at the Shipshe General Store.  Our friends Corbin and Flora had gotten and ‘Amish Country’ shirt there and I was on a mission to find one too.  Besides finding shirts for each of us we wandered around the store, which has an eclectic array of goods.  Michael found himself a back scratcher he just had to have as he swears it’s much better than the one we already have.

Tiffany's - plain and unassuming

Tiffany’s – plain and unassuming

We drove further south to Topeka, Indiana for a late lunch/early dinner at Tiffany’s.  Tiffany’s was recommended to us by our friends, Dan & Karen and they didn’t fail us!  I believe the place is Amish owned and run.  All of the servers that were there when we were there were Amish and very friendly.  It also happens to be a place patronized by the local Amish…which in my book tells you something.

It’s a ‘no frills’ place with down home cookin’.  They offer specials each day.  Yesterday’s specials were Beef Stew & biscuits for $5.85, Beef Manhattan for $6.15 or a Prime Rib Sandwich,  I can’t remember how much it was.



Michael ordered the Beef Manhattan and I went with the 2 piece broasted chicken ($8.25).  We also had a cup of their potato bacon soup which was very yummy.  We both enjoyed our meals.

They make pies daily and had about 8 or 10 choices, several of which were already sold out for the day.  I had planned to try a piece of rhubarb custard pie but it was already gone so I went without.  Michael had a piece of cherry pie a la mode and was happy with it as well.

This was definitely a place that we’ll go back to and recommend to our friends as well.  Thanks, Dan & Karen!

We got back to the hotel about 5:30 and decided to make it a ‘hot tub’ evening.  Up until now the hot tub (or the sauna) hadn’t been very hot but they must have changed that today as the water temperature in the hot tub was quite a bit warmer than it had been.  With the up in temperature we didn’t stay in nearly as long as we had been.  Still enjoyable nonetheless and a nice way to end our day.

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