Notre Dame (du Lac)

Posted by on June 28, 2015

We had a much quieter night/morning.  Since Tuesday we’ve had a teen youth group from Ohio staying here and they weren’t necessarily the quietest bunch.  We got 3 knocks on our doors during a 24 hour span from people who had the wrong room…2 of them being the adult chaperones.  Breakfast time was chaotic and loud.

Today all of that changed because the group left yesterday.  I wasn’t woken up in the middle of the night due to laughter, doors closing or people running down the hall.  The breakfast area had plenty of room and was peaceful.

It's nearly impossible to get through Elkhart without being stopped by at least one train

It’s nearly impossible to get through Elkhart without being stopped by at least one train

We took a ride over to MORryde this morning to make another check on Jim & Nancy’s coach.  Still doesn’t look like it’s been moved at all.  Michael went inside to verify that the air conditioning was actually running and that the refrigerator was working properly.  Everything looked good and the temperature inside showed 66 so the air wasn’t actually running.  We’ll do another check in a few days.

Love the architecture.  This is one of the 'newer' buildings.

Love the architecture. This is one of the ‘newer’ buildings.

We drove over to South Bend (about 20 miles west) and spent several hours wandering around the University of Notre Dame campus.  In my research I found out that the actual name is Notre Dame du Lac, meaning Our Lady of the Lake.

I found it interesting that Notre Dame has several notable alumni:  Regis Philbin, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Montana, Phil Donahue, Nicholas Sparks and Knute Rockne just to mention a few.

No shortage of green space on this campus!

No shortage of green space on this campus!

The campus is green and lush and lined with beautiful architecture.  Buildings range from being built in the late 1800s (the school was founded in 1842) to the early 1900s to the mid-1900s and newer.

The gorgeous basilica

The gorgeous basilica

We enjoyed walking through the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (built in 1871), which stands nobly on the main campus.  Situated next door is the original college building which is now home to one of two seminaries on campus.  This building was built in 1879 after the original burned the year prior.

Very ornate 'front' part of the church

Very ornate ‘front’ part of the church

The basilica is probably the prettiest we have seen to date.  The altar is situated so that the congregation can surround it.  There are several nooks to slip into for prayer and even a small ‘room’ which holds the tomb of John Francis O’Hara, president of Notre Dame from 1943 – 1945 and later the Archbishop of Philadelphia until his death in 1960.

The 'original' college built in 1879

The ‘original’ college built in 1879

About midway through our ‘tour’ we stopped at the ‘Huddle’, what seemed like a student union of sorts, and grabbed a sandwich and chips, which we took outside and shared at one of the picnic tables under the shade of the trees.

We also made stops at the bookstore, which was very similar to visiting a Barnes & Noble except that there was Fighting Irish memorabilia everywhere, and at the Hesburgh Library (named for long time Notre Dame president, Theodore, Hesburgh.

Our 'bowls' ready to be thrown on the grill

Our ‘bowls’ ready to be thrown on the grill

On our way back to the hotel we stopped in Mishawaka at the Flat Top Grill for an early dinner.  This is one of those places that you’re given a bowl and fill it with the items you want included in your stir fry (rice, pasta, meat, veggies, sauce).  It’s been a while since we’ve been to one of these type of places and I always enjoy them since they have a nice assortment of veggies.

Ready to eat!

Ready to eat!

Today was good….but some of my veggies (broccoli & green beans) could have stood to have been cooked a bit more but it was still good.

There was a bit more ‘goofing off’ going on by some of the workers…you could see and hear it…which wasn’t really to my liking but it is what it is…

No pool or hot tub today we just chilled in our room watching a marathon of Naked and Afraid.  Ever seen it?  Interesting show.  It’s a survival show on Discovery.



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