Truck Wash, Slide On It’s Side, Pizza and Hot Tubbin’

Posted by on June 26, 2015

Wednesday 6/24

We decided to hang out around the hotel today and we did just that!  We both had some things we wanted to get accomplished so we each work on those…

Mine were all clerical related:  checkbook, entering My Coke Rewards into the system, updating our coach log, completing our next menu and making a grocery list.

Set up right outside our window!

Set up right outside our window!

Michael’s were more physical.  He wanted to give the truck a good wash…inside and out.  Our hotel room is situated in the back of the building and faces the parking lot of another hotel that seems to be closed. So Michael made use of the space and the shade provided by some nice big trees and worked on getting the truck nice and shiny.

The Elkhart County Visitor’s Center is right across the street from the hotel so I took a walk over there this afternoon to check things out.  We’ve done most of the Amish things in the area so I was looking for something different and found a few things to check out while we’re here.  We are still in the area until July 8.

Not wanting to venture too far for dinner we just ended up going a few blocks down the street to Red Lobster…gift cards are great!  Michael got fish & chips and I got breaded shrimp and we just shared…worked out great!  We were both stuffed since we ordered an appetizer (artichoke & lobster dip), soup and salad too!

Thursday 6/25

We had a few errands to run today so shortly after breakfast that was where we headed.

First to Heartland to check on the coach and pick up a couple of things that we found that we needed. We were happy to see that the work on the front area was done and they were just sanding things down and getting it ready to be painted.

Eek!  Thats nearly the whole passenger side of our coach lying on it's side!  You can see the big hole on the right side of the picture where the slide belongs!  LOL

Eek! Thats nearly the whole passenger side of our coach lying on it’s side! You can see the big hole on the right side of the picture where the slide belongs! LOL

We also found that the entire kitchen/living room slide had been removed and laid on its side so that the old slide floor could be removed and a new one installed.  Water leaks have surely been our nemesis with this coach…but let’s hope that this is the end of that!

They originally thought that the coach would be ready on Friday and it would have been if it was just the frame flex that had to be dealt with but throw in the slide floor issue and it looks like it won’t be ready until early next week.  Which is fine, we’d rather it was taken care of right than not at all.

I stopped at the front desk when we got back to the room and reserved our room through Tuesday night, as we’re hoping that it will be done Wednesday at the latest.  We’ve really been impressed with the hotel to this point.  It’s reasonable ($71 per night), clean and they’re doing renovations as I type.

While we were out we made stops at Walmart (all-purpose cleaner, Sprite & laundry detergent) and the post office (one router sent to son, Dan).

Fougasse (breadsticks!)

Fougasse (breadsticks!)

During the rally several of our friends tried a pizza place called Venturi in Goshen and highly recommended it so for lunch that was where we headed.  They’re open for just 2 hours (11:30 – 1:30) on Wednesday through Friday for lunch and the rest of the week for dinner.  It was pretty busy when we got there shortly after 12:00 but there were seats at the bar and we were fine sitting there.

We started with Fougasse (pull about bread sticks drizzled with olive oil and herbs and dipped in a tomato sauce).  Very good.

Oh. My. Gosh.  Doesn't that look wonderful??

Oh. My. Gosh. Doesn’t that look wonderful??

We shared a pizza with pancetta, home-made mozzarella, red onion, fresh basil and red pepper flakes…but my 49-year-old brain can’t remember the name of it!  However, it was very good…wood-fired so that the edges had a little char to them but the center was still soft.  Don’t be afraid to try it if you’re ever in Goshen, Indiana!

You can see the power cord plugged into the pedestal way back there in the back!

You can see the power cord plugged into the pedestal way back there in the back!

Our friends Jim & Nancy went to Europe for a couple of weeks and dropped their coach off at MORyde to have some work done while they’re gone.  They were concerned that it stay plugged in as they have perishables inside and asked that we check on it periodically while we’re here so we drove by today and found everything in order and the coach plugged in and getting the power it needs.  We’ll drop by again over the weekend to make sure it’s still plugged in.

When we got back to the hotel Michael went out to finish cleaning the truck. Yesterday he got the inside and the passenger side all taken care of so all he had to worry about today was the driver side and any spot cleaning he found along the way.

Since we had a big lunch we just stayed at the hotel and had a picnic down in the breakfast room.  Plenty of room to make sandwiches and a table to sit at comfortably!

After dinner while it was nice and quiet we walked across the hall to spend some time in the pool and hot tub before the other hotel guests started coming back from their days excursions.


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