Spa Week For The Coach

Posted by on June 23, 2015

Monday 6/22

The contents of our kitchen/living room slide

The contents of our kitchen/living room slide

We were due to arrive at the factory by 8:00 am and we ended up arriving about 7:20 am.  We were the second to arrive at the brand new facility, with Comer’s being first and van Opstal’s right behind us in third.  It was pretty cool to see the 3 coaches lined up in the check in area of the shiny bays.

Bedroom closet contents minus what is in the shower!

Bedroom closet contents minus what is in the shower!

Michael and Greg went over what needed to be done to the coach and then we unhitched and were on our way.  Once the coach is checked in and we are unhitched a tractor comes and pulls the coach out of the check in bay around the back and back into one of the service bays so that work can be done.

We had reservations for the week at the Sleep Inn not far away but since it was only 8:00 am we knew we had some time to kill.  First things first…food.  We went over to the Cracker Barrel near the hotel and had a good breakfast to start the rest of the day off.

Here we are sandwiched inbetween Eric & Dorothy and Mark & Linda

Here we are sandwiched in between Eric & Dorothy and Mark & Linda

We had a couple of packages to send to Zack and Dan so after breakfast we hunted down a post office and got those sent off.

Then it was off to the movie theater to watch the 10:45 am showing of Jurassic World…what better way to waste time until we could get into our room??  We both enjoyed the movie…it was typical Jurassic Park stuff but who doesn’t love those movies?

Before heading to the room we stopped by Jimmy Johns to pick up sandwiches to take back to the room with us for dinner.

When we arrived at the hotel our room was quite ready so we just settled into a couple of comfy chairs in the lobby until they were…about 30 minutes.

We got all of our stuff loaded onto a cart and taken into the room and while I unpacked Michael lounged on the bed….hmmmm must be nice, eh??  When all the unpacking was done I settled into a chair to do some ‘surfing’ and Michael started sawing logs.  (It’s been a busy couple of weeks!)

The view from our hotel room door

The view from our hotel room door

After Michael’s nap we went directly across the hall from our room to the pool area.  I started out in the pool but it was pretty chilly so I didn’t stay too long.  Michael went directly to the hot tub and got comfy…I joined him when I left the pool.  We relaxed for a while and before leaving the pool area we spent a few minutes in the sauna drying off.

Back in our room we lounged for the remainder of the night…watching TV mostly.  Looking forward to some nice low-key days in the next couple of weeks.

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