Manhattan, Puppy Sitting, Opa’s & More Visiting

Posted by on June 11, 2015

Wednesday 6/10

We slept IN this morning…not getting out of bed until 9:15 or so.  We had a nice lazy morning with Michael making breakfast and both of us getting a few chores accomplished.

About 3:00 pm we decided to go for a spin around the fairgrounds and basically didn’t get home until after 10:00 pm.  We did pop into the house real quick twice – once to get Michael’s wallet and the second time to get something to drink and go potty.

Table for 15

Table for 15

We cruised the fairgrounds stopping and chatting with lots of different people as we go.  We even make a stop at the check in trailer to visit with Nelly, Lisa & Julie and whoever else might happen to be there.

Turkey Manhattan

Turkey Manhattan

Along our travels we ended up making plans with several others to go to the Lux Cafe for dinner at 5:30 pm.  It’s nothing fancy….just a good home cookin’ restaurant not far from the fairgrounds.  We ended up with 13 of us caravaning over there in 3 trucks.

Philly Beef Steak

Philly Beef Steak

Just as we got seated and were perusing our menus I noticed Dan & Karen come in and had them join us.  We added another table to those that were already stacked together and now had 15 for dinner.   We had quite the eclectic set of taste buds in our group…burgers, Philly cheese-steaks, salads, pork tenderloin sandwiches, spinach fritatta, turkey Manhattans, roast pork dinner, chicken fried steak.

I had been dreaming of a turkey Manhattan for a very long time so I knew what I was going to order before we ever got there!  I grew up calling them an open-faced turkey sandwich and others call them ‘hot browns’….whatever you call ’em…they’re yummy!

After dinner we took Pat & Elaine for a ride on the golf cart.  They’re all by themselves where they’re parked right now.  Other’s will be coming in soon but for now they have no one and Elaine doesn’t get around real well so we thought we’d take them around and introduce them to others.  I think they enjoyed themselves.

A little later we took Lou & Bette for a ride over to the infield (they have a fire every night) and visited with them until it was time to call it a night.

We ended up get home again shortly after 10:00 pm.  We relaxed in our recliners for a while…watching a little TV and perusing Facebook and/or checking emails, etc and ended up heading to bed sometime after 11:00 pm.

Thursday 6/11

Today was the first day of Pre-Rally tours but we didn’t choose to go on a tour today so it was a pretty quiet day for us.

Bella & Lily

Bella & Lily

We had offered to let Elaine and Pat’s puppies out a couple of times during the day so that didn’t have to ‘hold it’ all day long.  So we went over at 11:00 am and let them out and then again at 3:00 pm.  Lily didn’t want to come out the first time but we enticed her with a treat.  Bella was raring to go both times and even sat with us on the golf cart while we waited for Lily to go potty.

Val Talley

Val Talley

Each time we went to let the dogs out we took a spin around the fairgrounds.  There wasn’t much going on as many people had gone on one of the 2 tours offered today or had gone off on their own to do some sight-seeing.  However, there were still some people here and we got our visiting fix taken care of no problem!

The gentleman in the black is a Navy Cross recipient...quite the honor

The gentleman in the black is a Navy Cross recipient…quite the honor

The first tour arrived at about 4:00 pm and we, along with 5 other golf carts met them at the bus and gave anyone that wanted a ride back to their site a ride.   This was a Amish Countryside tour with lots of opportunities to shop…so many of the people had bags and were quite happy to get a lift home.

We got back home about 4:30 pm and Michael went to work on putting a coat of wax on the front cap….although I’m not sure how much he actually got done as I heard him out there chatting quite a bit. LOL

The 'infield' crew plus several visitors from other parts of the fairgrounds

The ‘infield’ crew plus several visitors from other parts of the fairgrounds

Dan & Karen stopped by and asked Michael if we wanted to join them for dinner as they were going out. We chose to stay home and have some Opa’s though.

After dinner we went on what we planned to be a short ride around the fairgrounds as we wanted to get home early as we have to get up early in the morning.  We ‘rushed’ through the ride and made home earlier than the 10:00 pm that we’ve gotten home the last few nights…9:45 pm tonight!

Our Heartland family consists of the absolute BEST people you’ll ever find.




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