My Babies Have Arrived, Now We Can Cruise!

Posted by on May 24, 2015

My sleep schedule is so goofy since we got here!  I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and struggling for half an hour to an hour to get back to sleep and then  waking up much too early for my liking.

This morning I was awake at 4:47 am and finally crawled out of bed shortly after 5:00 am.  I guess it gave me a chance to get caught up with my blog, do some internet surfing and have breakfast ready about 8:00 am.

Today was the day that the boys and their families flew into Houston to join us for our cruise that leaves tomorrow about 4:30 pm.

Hyundai (sounds like Monday) Sonata

Hyundai (sounds like Monday) Sonata

Since there are 10 of us and our truck won’t hold that many we opted to rent a car to hold the other half of us….6 adults and 4 car seats….5 in each vehicle.

Michael and I drove to Galveston to pick up the rental car about noon.  It’s just a 10 mile drive so we had the rental and were back home by 12:45 pm.

We had some lunch and did a little relaxing before we left for the George Bush International Airport in Houston.  We actually ended up a little before we planned as we noticed online that Dan & Amanda’s flight was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  The airport is about 60 miles north of the RV park that we’re in.  We left with plenty of time to spare just in case we got stuck in traffic.

Michael's back was bothering him so he stretched out in the rental car while we waited for the NY Barnett's

Michael’s back was bothering him so he stretched out in the rental car while we waited for the NY Barnett’s

We waited in the cell phone lot for the New York (soon to be Wisconsin) Barnett’s 4:48 pm flight to arrive.  When we got the call from them I drove around to pick them and their luggage up while Michael waited in the cell phone lot.

The Utah Barnett’s flight was originally due to arrive at 5:50 pm but due to a bunch of issues their flight was delayed and didn’t end up coming in until 10:34 pm.  What a long day of travel for them!

We decided that Michael would stay and wait for them to arrive and the rest of us would head south. Before we did that though we grabbed some grub from Mo’s BBQ…not the best…but not the worst either. We sat there for quite a while just visiting and passing the time.

Pulled porked and brisket

Pulled porked and brisket

To pass a little more time we found a park for the boys to play at but not much more than 10 minutes after we got there it started to rain so we all went and sat in the truck for a while to pass the time.  We just didn’t want Michael to have to sit in the cell phone lot for so long by himself.

We ended up parting ways about 8:30 pm…Michael to fill the truck up with fuel and then to wait in the cell phone lot for the Utah Barnett’s to arrive.  The rest of us drove the 60 miles to the RV park where I was dropped off and then Dan and Amanda and the boys drove back to League City where their hotel is located.

After Zack & Kelsea’s flight arrived and Michael had the four of them safely in the truck the began their journey south.  They took the same route we did…dropping Michael off at the RV park and then driving back to League City to the same hotel Dan & Amanda are at.  They’ll all come this way to pick us up in the morning before we continue 10 miles south to the cruise port.

One more thing…we got word from our favorite safety guy, Hans, this morning that Fred and Ginger have been reunited!  He was even sweet enough to share his sandwich with them.  Fred still has a limp (it’s only been 8 days since the accident) but I’m hoping that with more time to heal he’ll be feeling MUCH better.

See you in a week!  Bon Voyage!


4 Responses to My Babies Have Arrived, Now We Can Cruise!

  1. Jay

    Y’all have a great time cruisin’! We made it through a rough night in Boerne and are having fun with lots of old friends.

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Jay! You and Stella stay safe with all the crazin’ floodin’ going on up that way.

  2. Anita-Wayne Cooper

    Have a great time! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Judy Mott

    How awesome for all of you to be together and make this trip. Have fun and we’ll be waiting for details and pictures when you rieturn next week.

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