Charleston, Kelley’s, a Dike, Movies and Errands

Posted by on May 23, 2015

I guess I’m in vacation mode cuz I completely forgot to make a blog post!

Tuesday was our last day with Jay and Stella as they left on Wednesday to go to a Texas Boomers rally in Boerne.

They arrive about 11:30 am.  We’d made plans to check out one of the Heartland coaches here at the dealership.  The Landmark 365 is the new line of coaches at Heartland.  They’re designed with the fulltimer in mind and are very nice.

Similar to our coach but the living room is more like a room of it's own.

Similar to our coach but the living room is more like a room of its own.

We toured the Charleston, which was the floor plan we were most interested in, as were Jay & Stella.  It’s a beautiful coach but neither of us were ‘awed’ enough to bite the bullet.  There are several things we’d like to see change before we’d have to have one….for instance…the placement of the residential refrigerator in the slide doesn’t allow for the right-hand door of the refrigerator to open properly.  For us that’s just a ‘no go’.

While we were sitting in the living room discussing the coaches pros and cons we felt a ‘bump’ and had just seen a tractor go by…we also knew that they were in the process of moving some RVs around.  We all kinda yelled and said ‘hey, we’re in here’…but I ended up having to run to the door and outside before the guy actually stopped and realized there were people inside the coach!  That was our cue to leave…  LOL

Beautifully crispy chicken fried steak and the sides were very good.

Beautifully crispy chicken fried steak and the sides were very good.

To thank Jay and Stella for all of their hospitality and chauffeuring we took them out to lunch at Kelley’s – a place they highly recommended.  Nothing fancy…just a local family restaurant.  Michael got a burger, I ordered chicken fried steak and Jay & Stella shared a chicken strip platter.  Everything was very good and it would definitely be a place we’d go back to as the food was tasty, plentiful and reasonable!

After lunch we drove over to the Texas City Dike , which was a new thing for Michael and I.  A dike it a piece of land that it built in the water to prevent flooding from the sea.  The dike is nearly 5 miles long and was closed for almost 2 years for repairs after being damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Kiteboarders with a barge in the background

Kiteboarders with a barge in the background

There were lots of people out fishing…from the shore and also some that were in the water (waist or chest high) fishing.  There were plenty of people on the beach enjoying the beautiful day and we also came across a couple of people who were kiteboarding….interesting stuff.

Since Jay and Stella were traveling the following day we made it a short day…home about 3:30 pm.  We exchanged hugs, handshakes and goodbyes.  It wasn’t a very sad good-bye and we know that we’ll see the again in a few weeks when we get together at the Heartland National Rally in Goshen, Indiana.


When we got home we (mostly Michael) finished cleaning the screen door and Plexiglas that covers it. When we gate guard the door pretty much stays open all the time so it really gets filthy.  It now looks MUCH better than it did!

Homemade chicken & dumplins

Homemade chicken & dumplins

Later in the evening we had some Chicken & Dumplings, that I had in the freezer, for dinner.  I whipped up some more dumplings, to add to the dish, since they’re the best part of the dish.  While we ate dinner we did some more catching up on DVR’d TV shows…we have quite a few since we didn’t get to watch a lot of shows together when we were gate guarding.


On Wednesday we decided to familiarize ourselves with places we’d need to find for our upcoming cruise.  We drove by the Enterprise car rental place (need another vehicle since there will be 10 of us), located the cruise terminal and checked out the Cruise Park…where our truck will be parked for the week that we are cruising.

With all those things found we drove to Walmart to pick up a few last-minute items needed for our cruise and then onto East Star Chinese Buffet for dinner.  It had decent reviews but neither of us were extremely pleased.  It wasn’t bad but we’ve definitely had much better.

When we got home we relaxed with a RedBox movie we picked up while at Walmart.  We watched Unbroken, a true story of a WWII soldier that was first marooned in the ocean with 3 other soldiers and then captured by the Japanese and imprisoned in one of their war camps.  His ordeal lasted over 2 years. The movie was very good and we’d highly recommend watching it.

Thursday was a day of errands but before we started out on those errands we watched the second of the 2 movies we rented from the RedBox the day before.  This time we watched Interstellar.  It was another good movie….but didn’t grab me quite as much as Unbroken had.

Our first stop was at Popeye’s for a quick bite to last us through our errands.  It turned out it was a good thing as our day turned out to be quite a bit longer than I expected.

We ran to Walmart to pick up oil and a filter for an oil change on the truck.

Getting those toes all purtied up for some fun in the sun!

Getting those toes all purtied up for some fun in the sun!

Then we went just across the parking lot to La Belle for pedicures….gotta have pretty toes for a cruise!  It was one of the best pedicures we’ve had in a long time…a nice massage and hot wax were part of the treatment.  Ahhhh

Next up…oil change.  Michael would normally do the oil change himself but with time speeding by we decided to just take it to one of the quick lube places and let them do it…besides it’s easier for them to dispose of the old oil.  Since we brought our own oil (better quality that what they use) it only cost $40 for labor.  We were in and out in about 20 minutes…and I never had to get out of the truck!

From there we went in search of a barber shop…we struck out three times (either closing or couldn’t find the place) before we ended up right back in the same little strip mall that we got our toes done.  I decided to wait in the truck…thinking it would take too long.  Ha!  Almost an hour and a half later Michael was finally done….but he had a nice haircut and beard trim to show for it!  I kept busy playing games on my phone, surfing Facebook and watching the huge amount of people filter in and out of the Little Caesars in the same little strip mall.  Wow!  I couldn’t believe the amount of traffic and the number of pizzas (1, 2, 4, 8 at a time) that left that place.

By the time we got home it was 6:30 pm so I went inside to make dinner (Bob’s Burgers) while Michael did a few things outside.  The burgers had already been pattied up and were frozen a while back so all I had to do was cook them since I’d taken them out of the freezer earlier.

We ended the day by knocking a few more shows off the DVR…still plenty more to go!




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  1. Judy Mott

    First, enjoy the cruise and happy anniversary to both of you! We enjoy eating at Kelly’s when in the Houston area, and last ate at the one in Alvin. There is no shortage of food, and we will usually bring home enough for another meal, plus the prices are reasonable and it’s pretty good for family style cooking. Looking forward to your next installment.

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