The Worst Last Day

Posted by on May 16, 2015

Friday was my last day working at the shack…it was not the best of days.  Bugs, dogs, storms…read on.

Our night guy at the shack had a family emergency and had to take last night off and a fill-in worked in his place.

Doesn't even begin to represent the amount of bugs infesting the shack...

Doesn’t even begin to represent the amount of bugs infesting the shack…

When Michael drove me to work this morning I noticed that the door to the shack was wide open and the lights were on…my first comment was “oh…that’ll bring the bugs.”

Well…yeah…you can’t imagine how infested the shack was with bugs…grasshoppers, June bugs, stink bugs, moths, mosquitoes, little green bugs, little black bugs, flying bugs, crawling bugs…you name it!

The ceiling, the walls, the sink, the desk, the floor…EVERYWHERE! They were even crawling on him but he didn’t even seem to notice!

The ceiling was probably the worst...but the walls were like this...everywhere!

The ceiling was probably the worst…but the walls were like this…everywhere!

Thankfully, my knight in shining armor stayed with me to combat the bugs as best he could. I still had bugs to kill throughout the day and there were still bugs in the shack at the end of my shift.

To make matters worse…as the fill-in drove out of the gate he hit Fred…one of the dogs that roam the countryside! Fred cried and cried!  Poor baby.  He got tangled in the cattle guard and when he untangled himself he limped over to the shack and laid down.

We could see that he wasn’t putting any weight on his right hind leg and Michael noticed he had blood and gravel in his mouth.  He ended up making his way under the porch of the shack and lying down there.

Ginger was all over him trying to figure out what was wrong and continued to stay close by.

We decided to wait  a little while and see how he did.  He ended up disappearing from under the porch, making me worry even more.

Ginger snuggled up out of the rain.

Ginger snuggled up out of the rain.

Ginger stayed with me in the shack since it was raining and I just kept hoping that Fred would show back up…and he did a couple of hours later when the rain really started coming down harder.  As soon as I opened the shack door he was trying to get up the steps.  I was too afraid to hurt him so I let him go on his own.  On his third attempt he finally made it up the stairs on three legs.  He immediately went under the desk and settled in.

It was obvious that he was in pain as his hind quarter was shaking.  I had NO idea what to do with him as we are leaving and can not be responsible for pets.

Fred holding up under the desk out of the rain

Fred holding up under the desk out of the rain

I ended up calling an animal rescue who called around and found a vet in Kenedy that would see him. Michael came over and picked him up…putting him in the bed of the truck for the ride.  Thankfully we have a cover over the bed of the truck so he stayed dry for the ride as it stormed terribly…so bad that Michael even had to pull over on the side of the road for a while.

The vet did a thorough exam (no x-rays) and didn’t think anything was broken.  He thought he was just bruised and sore.  He gave Michael a 7 day supply of an anti-inflammatory and sent them on their way.

During all this was storming...badly!

During all this drama….it was storming…badly!

When Michael got back to the shack with Fred, he refused to get out of the truck.  Looked at us like we were crazy, laid back down behind a container and that was that.

We decided to let him stay in the truck…so he went home with Michael.  Michael opened the tailgate when he got home so that Fred could get out if/when he wanted to.  Michael went out and checked on him but eventually he went out and Fred and gotten down from the truck and was gone.

This is the road just outside of the gate.  Crazyiness!

This is the road just outside of the gate. craziness!

Ginger stayed with me ALL day…napping in the shack for several hours before finally wanting to go outside mid-afternoon.  Then she laid outside, as if she was on the lookout…for Fred, I presume.

When Michael came to pick me up and pulled up to the shack to put my stuff in the truck Ginger was right there….looking for Fred, I presume.  When she found he wasn’t in the truck she laid back down to wait some more.

At this point we still don’t where Fred is….but hoping that he makes his way back to Ginger soon as they’re the dynamic duo!

Thankfully there are many people around the area that ‘know’ the twosome and feed them and love them makes leaving them easier.

1 day ’til we hit the road!
7 days ’til we’re huggin’ our babies!
8 days ’til we’re cruisin’
9 days ’til our 30th wedding anniversary!

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