Prep Work, Peacocks, Burnt Dinner, New Well & Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 11, 2015
Love these guys...almost as much as cows!  The best part is they're all over!

Love these guys…almost as much as cows! The best part is they’re all over!

We are getting down to our final days in the oil patch!  Just 5 more mornings of listening to the alarm go off at 5:00 am.

Each day this week that each of us are off we have a list of items we want to get accomplished before we leave the oil patch.  Hopefully things will go as planned and we’ll each get our lists completed!

We’ve been starting our move prep rituals…stowing a few things, going through the basement totes and trying to get rid of unneeded/unwanted items.  Michael’s been taken 3 or 4 tubs with him to work. Going through them and cleaning them up helps pass the time as well as helps us to get rid of ‘stuff’.

A couple of days ago Michael installed all the TPMS monitor doo-hickey’s on the tires of both the truck and the coach.  While do that he made sure to check the batteries on all and replaced what needed to be replaced.  Since he was dealing with batteries he replaced the batteries in the fire alarm and CO2 monitor.  Then he even checked the fire extinguisher to make sure it was in good working order too.

I'm gonna blame it on not having mastered the convection oven yet!  ;-)

I’m gonna blame it on not having mastered the convection oven yet! 😉

One evening last week we ended up going over to Edgar & Gladys’ because I burned the heck out of the chicken we were going to have for dinner…sheesh…haven’t done that in a long time!  LOL  A good excuse to try their chicken fried steak…that Michael gets every time…it was good but I think I’ll go back to my stuffed hamburger steak.  It was pretty darn busy…so busy that we didn’t get to sit at our ‘normal’ table.  🙁  We plan to patronize the place one more time before we hit the road.  Good stuff!

Ahhhh....MUCH better!

Ahhhh….MUCH better!

Ryan came and picked up both Fred and Ginger Friday morning so that he could take Ginger to the vet. We haven’t seen hide nor hair or either of them since.  We have Ryan’s phone number so I guess we’ll have to give him a call and see what’s up.  Stay tuned.

The birds that have been dwelling in our pin box seem to have flown the coop.  Michael was finally able to get a picture of the next and it was completely empty.  We’ll give it a few more days to make sure they’ve all vacated the premises and then we’ll remove it before we hit the road.

The crew finally finished up the 2nd well last week.  They’ve had quite the issues with that well and I think they’re all glad that it’s finally done!  It took roughly 6 weeks for that one alone…and average is about 3 weeks.

With well number 2 completed the rig ‘skidded’ over to the next drill site (just a matter of feet) about noon on Friday.

Casing trucks stacked and ready to off-load

Casing trucks stacked and ready to off-load

I worked on Saturday and had 11 trucks of casing come in as well as several cement crews and crews to unload all the casing.  Normally Saturday’s are fairly quiet…unless it’s me working then it’s pretty much a typical day of 80ish vehicles.

I do have to admit that Michael had 2 pretty darn busy days at the end of last week…120ish on Thursday and 160ish on Friday.

However…he got lucky on Sunday and only had roughly 20 vehicles while the night go had just 10ish! These rig jobs sure beat a frac gate ANY DAY!

Flowers from DnA

Flowers from DnA

Beautiful artwork from Alex & Ben

Beautiful artwork from Alex & Ben

I had a nice day off on Mother’s Day.  Other than grill some chicken kabobs for dinner I didn’t do a whole lot.  I was able to video chat with 2 of our grandbabies and their mama & daddy.  I got flowers from the NY (soon to be WI) Barnett’s, a home-made card from the NY grandbabies & a Jamberry gift set from Michael.  The UT Barnett’s told us that our Mothers/Fathers Day gift will be presented on the BIG boat.

Jamberry goodies from Michael

Jamberry goodies from Michael

We’ve had several of our family and friends concerned about our safety with all the storms going on.  Thankfully we haven’t had any bad weather in our area…a tad bit of rain and a couple of days of higher than normal wind…but that’s about it.  The bad weather has all been way to the north of us….probably about 300 miles.  Thank you all for thinking of us…and keeping us in your prayers, it’s very much appreciated.

When my shift ends today we’ll have just:

24 hours of work for Kelly
36 hours of work for Michael
6 days til we hit the road!
13 days til we’re cruisin’!





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