The ‘Itch’ Is On!

Posted by on May 6, 2015

We’re just plugging along.  Michael’s been doing the majority of the time at the shack but I’ve been trying to give him time off 2 or 3 days a week.

They are still trying to finish up on the 2nd well but seem to have a road block every time they turn around.  Hopefully by the weekend they’ll be able to ‘skid over’ and start drilling the 3rd well…remember they’re drilling a total of 5 wells here.

We have just 10 more days to work (4 days for me…6 for Michael) before we take off for the summer.  I’ve been ‘itchin’ for a couple of weeks already but Michael just started ‘itchin’ about a week ago…he’s itchin’ so bad that he counts the hours that he has left to work!

As one of the guys left on days off he handed this to me and said, "Give this to your husband, he likes them...and I can finally get rid of them!"  Ha!  That should last him a while!

As one of the guys left on days off he handed this to me and said, “Give this to your husband, he likes them…and I can finally get rid of them!” Ha! That should last him a while!

My days have been busy firming up our summer plans.  Doing research, finding parks that can accommodate us, making reservations, etc.  We’ll spend the majority of the summer months in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.  We do some ‘touristy’ stuff on our way north and again on our way south in the fall…looking forward to watching the barges float down the mighty Mississippi, viewing the famous Peabody Ducks, making a stop at our third and final Lambert’s Cafe, some fun in Branson, Abe Lincoln history in Springfield Illinois and a visit to the Texas Rangers Museum and the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas are just a few of the highlights.

I’ve also been working on putting together the schedule for the Leisure Time Activities program for the Heartland rally in Goshen, Indiana next month.  I have 10 -12 volunteers that will give presentations/workshops on various subjects – morning work out, jewelry making, fly tying, Mary Kay, greeting card making, etc.  They all do such a good job and it’s a lot of fun…as is the entire rally…can’t wait!

Cinco de Maoy yumminess!

Cinco de Mayo yumminess!

We went out for dinner Tuesday night with the excuse that it was Cinco de Mayo and we really had to have some good authentic Mexican food.  We went back to Angelica’s in Yorktown…each of us ordering the same thing we got the last time – the #2 – 2 enchiladas (chicken), 1 puffy taco, rice and beans (hold my beans).  The meals were just as good as the first time.

For some strange reason our power went out about 5:00 pm on Tuesday and after a little research and chatting with one of the guys in the park with us…the whole place was without power…there wasn’t even any power going to the meter.  We still had no power when I left about 5:30 pm to pick up Michael but by the time we got home from dinner, around 7:00 pm, the power was back on.  Hmmm

Poor baby is so puffed can even see the swolleness (is that a word???) of her throat area

Poor baby is so puffed up…you can even see the swolleness (is that a word???) of her throat area

This morning when Fred and Ginger stopped by on their morning rounds I noticed the Ginger’s face (snout) was swollen, as were the folds of skin under chin around her neck.  She was friendly as normal but seemed a little listless.  I provided them with their snacks and they were on their way.

This afternoon a gentleman stopped by asking if I’d seen the dogs.  Seems he works at an oil facility nearby and they visit the as well…and have been for about a year and a half.  He called them ‘country dogs’ and said that everybody has a hand in taking care of them.  He’d been told by one of his workers that Ginger (he called her Trixie) was needing medical attention and he was trying to find her so he could take her to the vet.  He gave me a card with his number on it and asked that we call him if they show up and he’d come and get them.

10 days of work left
11 days until VACATION
17 days until we have all of our ‘babies‘ (grown and not grown) together
18 days until we be CRUISIN‘!


2 Responses to The ‘Itch’ Is On!

  1. Mick

    Hi Kelly…thinking of you and hoping you guys are safe down there with all the bad weather! And what’s up with poor Ginger? I hope she’s been taken to the vet by now and is okay.

    • Kelly

      Hey Mick!

      All’s well here….no bad weather for us recently and hoping it stays that way. Ginger and Fred were both picked up yesterday morning and taken to the vet….still waiting to hear what the vet has to say.

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