Falling Down on the Bloggin’

Posted by on April 30, 2015

I’ve fallen behind!  Time to play catch up.

Thursday 4/23 

  • Michael worked.
  • Not a lot to report.  While Michael worked I did my weekly errands.  I picked up groceries at Walmart & HEB and got the mail from the UPS Store.
  • I met our friend, Debbie, for lunch at the Cotton Mill.  We had a nice visit and I was able to return the internet booster that she lent us several weeks ago.  We ended up not needing it and she and her husband were about to finish up at the gate they were working and heading off for summer vacation.  Thanks, Debbie & Rod!
  • Tried a new recipe today and we were both very pleased with the results.  Click HERE if you’re interested in the recipe.

Friday 4/24

  • Hamburger steak stuffed with cheese and jalapenos.

    Hamburger steak stuffed with cheese and jalapenos.

    Michael worked.

  • It was a hot and humid day with the temperature reaching near 90.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.
  • We went out for dinner at Edgar & Gladys’ – Michael having his usual chicken fried steak and I had the stuffed hamburger steak (stuffed with cheese & jalapenos) for the second time.  We enjoyed our meals as usual.


Saturday 4/25 

  • Fred & Ginger just hangin' out

    Fred & Ginger just hangin’ out

    Micheal worked.

  • It was hot & humid again…with the temperature upwards of 90 degrees again.
  • The rig started having problems with their generators shutting off on Friday.  Mechanics and electricians were in and out continuously trying to get the generators up and running.
  • I grilled burgers & corn on the cob for dinner and made some potato salad to accompany the meal.

Sunday 4/26

  • Michael worked.
  • I did some more ‘spring’ cleaning by going through our bedroom closet – cleaning and organizing along the way.  There was way less in there than I thought but I was able to get rid of a few items.  I also dusted the shelves while I was in there.  One thing I did learn while cleaning out the closet was the Michael has, once again, accumulated way too many hats!
  • Drilling was shut down as the ‘top drive’ was causing issues.  Mechanics and Electricians were working feverishly to get the problems with the generators and the top drive resolved.  (although now it is thought that the problems with generators were due to the failing ‘top drive’).

Monday 4/27

  • I worked.
  • They came to the conclusion today that the top drive was not ‘saveable’ and had to have another one sent to the location.  Lots of money lost due to all the down time…ouch!  The top drive is a million+ dollar piece of equipment alone. Plus all the time the electricians & mechanics spent trying to make the repairs, the daily charges to the oil company for the rig to be here, the payroll for the crew to be sitting around doing nothing, etc etc etc…Ouchie, ouch, ouch.
  • With all the mess going on with the top drive we were told not to let any sales calls in for several days.
  • You know the roads are in pretty bad shape when the grater gets stuck!

    You know the roads are in pretty bad shape when the grater gets stuck!

    Mr. Schuneman (the rig’s neighbor) stopped by to chat.  He stops by every few days just like he did when we were at a gate just down the road a bit last year.

  • After all the rains the road (Alfred Blashcke Rd.) that our gate is on was in pretty bad shape again so I was happy to see a grater come by…only to see a little while later that he’d gotten himself stuck and a pick up truck had to come and pull him out!
  • Mr. Domesticated (Michael) made tacos for dinner and had everything pretty much ready to go when I got home which was a nice treat.

Tuesday 4/28

  • Michael worked.
  • Beautiful day!  High of just 70ish with a beautiful breeze.  I opened ALL the windows in the house and gave it a good airing out.  Ahhhh

Wednesday 4/29

  • I worked.
  • Had a low of 50 this morning…GREAT sleeping weather….even had to wear a sweat jacket for a few hours first thing in the morning.
  • It was shift change day so I had quite a few of the crew go in and out, either on their way home for 2 weeks or coming back to work after being off for the past 2 weeks.  I ended the day with 60 vehicles…not bad at all.
  • The guard shack sprung a leak a few weeks ago.  The weather stripping around the door was pretty much gone and there was no awning of any kind over the door so that when it rained the rain pretty much ran right into the shack.  Water would pool inside and the guys had to continually sweep it out the door.  With all the rain that we had the pooling eventually bubbled up the linoleum on the floor.  The wheels continually rolling over the ‘bubble’ caused it to burst and we just ended up with crumbling linoleum that became a big hole.
  • Peacocks roam free in Nordheim...not just one or 2...LOTS...it's pretty cool.

    Peacocks roam free in Nordheim…not just one or 2…LOTS…it’s pretty cool.

    A new guard shack was brought out today to replace the old one that was kind of a safety issue – you know the whole ‘standing in water while it’s lightening’ thing isn’t really a good idea.
    This new shack is actually a little nicer than the old one.  Pretty much the same layout but just has a few things the other one didn’t – coat hooks, drawer in the cabinet, window shades…just little niceties.

  • While I worked today Michael did the things that I normally do…ran into Nordheim and got us a couple of breakfast tacos from the food truck there, dropped off items at the Thrift Store, picked up the mail from the UPS Store and groceries from HEB & Walmart.  He also treated himself to lunch at Sonic.  I can’t forget that he started his day off at the dentist for a cleaning.
  • We planned to get a pizza at Paw’s in Yorktown but when we got there…they were closed.  So we decided to go a little further down the road to the Yorktown Diner…nope….closed.  We finally ended up at Aunt Di’s.  Michael got a cheese burger and I got a patty melt.  Michael was happy with his burger but I would have preferred a fresh burger and these were preformed frozen patties.  Meh.

Thursday 4/30

  • I worked again….2 days in a row.  Michael’s first time having 2 days off in a row since we had our ‘unplanned’ 2 days off several weeks ago and went to San Antonio.
  • Michael worked on a few projects around the house today.  The biggest one was installing the new central vacuum that we ordered and received a week or so ago.  The one that came in the coach stopped working a while back and we’ve been using the shop vac to vacuum.
  • The air conditioning in the shack stopped working early in the afternoon so I ended up keeping the door open to get a little circulation although it didn’t help a whole lot.  We’re pretty sure that the ac just froze up and are hoping that with it turned off it will have time to thaw out and will work fine again tomorrow.  By the time I was done with my shift I was half baked!
  • Mighty darn good Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza!  Yummy pickles!

    Mighty darn good Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza! Yummy pickles!

    Since I was so looking forward to pizza last night and found the place closed we decided to go tonight so that I could fulfill that craving.  Thankfully, it did not disappoint!
    We ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza that came with hamburger, cheese, bacon bits, onions, tomatoes and pickles.  Since Michael’s not a fan of pickles we only had them on half of the pizza.  It was very good and we brought home enough for lunch.


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