Slow Service Can Be A Good Thing!

Posted by on April 16, 2015

Monday night/Sunday morning brought massive storms to much of south Texas but mostly to the east of us.  Thankfully, we only got rain and not a whole lot of it.  Gate guards in the Cotulla, Dilley, Asherton area reported big storms that included hail ranging from marble size to golf ball size.  Whew…glad we dodged that bullet!

I had a dental appointment for a cleaning Wednesday morning in Kenedy.  We’d been to this dentist last year so it was a familiar….which with chicken me…is a GOOD thing.

The field of wild flowers at the corner of hwy 72 and Alfred Blaschke Road.

The field of wild flowers at the corner of hwy 72 and Alfred Blaschke Road.

Since we did some clothes shopping last week (much needed!) we needed to make room for the new and get rid of the old.  I ended up with a garbage bag full of clothes to donate.  There is a small Thrift Store in Kenedy that I donated to last year and did so again.  It’s just around the corner from the dentist’s office so it was nice and convenient too.

Today was ‘luncheon day’ for our gate guarding group.  There are several luncheons that go on in other areas but this one was for anyone in the Kenedy area (or anyone that doesn’t mind traveling further).

I scheduled it about a month ago to be held at Drillers Restaurant.  Last week I drove by to check it out and found out that the name had actually changed to the Cotton Mill Restaurant and the grand opening was the following day.  It was supposed to be an entirely new menu.

The food turned out to be very good…everyone was very happy with their meal.  However, service was excruciatingly slow.  We purposely meet at 1:00 pm so that most of the ‘rush’ is over…which it was so I’m not really sure what the hold up was…hopefully they’ll get that worked out.

What a great group of people!

What a great group of people!

We ended up with 8 gate guards attending….even one man!  Since service was slow we got a good chance to catch up and chat…so maybe the slow service was a blessing.

I’ve scheduled one more luncheon for next month and then we’ll be gone for the summer.  One of the ladies volunteered to continue scheduling over the summer for me…so I’m glad that things will continue until we get back in the fall.

In between my dental appointment and the luncheon I went over to check the mail and stopped at Walmart to pick up a few items which didn’t take much more than 45 minutes.

After lunch I stopped by to pick up the remainder of my groceries – mostly meat…just can’t handle the meat from Walmart.

I got back home just a few minutes before 4:00 pm…giving me a little time to get dinner (Philly Cheese Steak Quesadillas) started and relax before heading over to pick Michael up from work.

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