A Real Toilet…Almost, Ferdinand, New Ears & Piza!

Posted by on April 14, 2015

Thursday & Friday 4/9 & 4/10

After having the past 2 days off Michael was back to work, business as usual.  No explanations forthcoming but several of the guys commented that they were happy to see him back.

Saturday 4/11

Isn't she a beaut??

Isn’t she a beaut??

I worked for Michael as he had to run into town to pick up a new toilet that we’d ordered.  We’d been contemplating purchasing a new one for a while and the current one was starting to get a little ‘tippy’ so we just decided to bite the bullet and order it.  It’s a Dometic 320, a step up from the original.  The new one is almost like having a ‘real’ residential toilet – real seat, porcelain bowl…just still has the foot pedal to flush.  We’re in the big leagues now, baby!

The removal of the old and installation of the new seemed to go fairly smoothly and since we have a dumpster in our RV Park(ing lot) disposal was a cinch!

My day at the rig went pretty well as I only had 42 total vehicles (1/2 of what I’ve been getting while I’ve worked).  They’re currently not drilling so that helps.  They’re actually in the process of get a ‘core sample’ so that they’ll know exactly what kind of rock they’re drilling through…with no surprises.

Several of the directional drilling crew left for 5-7 days since they weren’t going to be needed until they are back to drilling.

Since it was nice and quiet I got a couple of chores out of the way that I’ve been putting off for a LONG time…one of which was to move all of the pictures from 2013 and 2014 off of my laptop onto DVDs.  Not a hard task or even very time consuming…but for some reason I always put it off.  But…it’s now done and I can wait a couple of more years before I do it again!  LOL

I also ordered tickets to the Milwaukee Brewers/San Diego Padres baseball game on August 3rd.  I got a decent deal on tickets ($30 each) and decent seats down near the field.  I’m hoping that if we’re in the area as much as I think we might be this summer that we’ll be able to take in at least one more game. Love my Brewers baseball!  (even though they’re sucking it up BIG time right now…sigh)

I also worked on a tentative fall schedule so that Michael can give our sales person for the oil company that we are working with an idea of when we’ll be back to work.  Hopefully there will be work here in the oil patch.  Everything is so ‘iffy’ right now…you just never know.

I had an elderly gentleman stop by to visit.  He used to visit me when we were at the Blackwell gate last year at this time.  He lives just down the road between our current gate and that gate.  He’s 84 and always interested in whats going on down on the pad.  Sometimes he stops just to say, ‘Hi’.

Just can't get enough of these south Texas sunrises!

Just can’t get enough of these south Texas sunrises!

Sunday 4/12

Michael was back to work and had a fairly quiet day too….roughly 50 vehicles.  I think he’s gonna have to start bringing some projects of some kind to work on to help fill the days if they end up being slow.

Monday 4/13

We were hit pretty hard with wind, rain and thunder last night/early this morning.  It poured and poured and one clap of thunder was so loud I thought Michael was gonna jump right out of bed!  Thankfully by the time we got up the rain had stopped.

I worked again as Michael had an appointment to pick up his new hearing aids!  Woohoo!  As I’ve mentioned before he is currently using a ‘back up’ pair in which only one is working as his ‘good’ pair is cracked in half.  I can’t wait to see how well he can hear with 2 good, fully functioning ears again!  It’s been a LONG time.

I had a pretty steady day traffic-wise.  Nothing crazy but I ended up logging in and out 84 vehicles over my 12 hour shift…my busiest day so far.



I was visited by a big ol’ bull early this morning…he was all by himself with no harem in tow.  Michael said he normally comes alone….poor guy.

The biggest enjoyment of the day was stumbling upon a 2nd cousin of mine on Facebook.  He’s someone I never met and didn’t even really realize that he or his father existed!  He’s got siblings and children of his own that I’m excited to learn more about too!  See?  Facebook is not as bad as some people think it is…it is what YOU make of it.

Oh oh!  What's that behind Michael??

Oh oh! What’s that behind Michael??

On the way home from San Antonio Michael was pulled over for not having any mud flaps on the truck.  Seriously?  We have nothing better to do with our tax payers dollars than to pull people over for nothing other than not having mud flaps on a vehicle registered in a state that doesn’t require mud flaps?  Thankfully, he was just given a warning…..but wow….

Ahhhh....SO much better than the last pizza we had!

Ahhhh….SO much better than the last pizza we had!

Michael got back from San Antonio about 5:20 pm and picked me up about 5:45 pm.  We drove over to Yorktown for dinner – Edgar & Gladys’ is closed on Monday’s 🙁  We ended up at Paw’s Piza Pie (not misspelled) and were pleasantly surprised as to how good the pizza was…not the best we’ve ever had but for this area…certainly very good…we’d definitely go back.  We also ordered garlic cheese toast, which was quite good too.

Asurprising site along highway 72

A surprising site along highway 72

On our way home Michael spotted an unusual sight and ended up backing up so that I could see it too.  I had NO idea what he was doing and of course he wouldn’t tell me….he just kept backing up until I could see it too….an emu…just walking around in one of the farmers fields.  Don’t know if he’s a new addition as I’ve never seen him before and have driven past that particular field plenty of times.

33 days til Vacation!

39 days til I can hug all my babies!

40 days til we be cruisin’!





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