WooHoo! Unexpected Days Off!

Posted by on April 9, 2015

Sunday 4/5

  • Aren't they gorgeous??

    Aren’t they gorgeous??

    The wild flowers are blooming like crazy all over this area!  They line the sides of the dirt roads and highways, flourish in the farmers fields and even grown amongst the weeds around our coach that need to be eliminated very badly!  I couldn’t help but take a short walk down our dirt road and cut a few to make a beautiful bouquet.

  • We had a nice, easy Easter dinner – Ham, red potatoes & greens beans made in the crock pot, deviled eggs and our traditional Barnett fruit salad…something I’ve been making for nearly 30 years and was a dish served in Michael’s family for many years before that.
  • Michael had a slow day with roughly a dozen vehicles in and out.

Monday 4/6

  • I drove Michael to work as I had errands to run.
  • Oh how I love the big floppy ears!

    Oh how I love the big floppy ears!

    Shortly after arriving at work Michael had an older gentleman show up and say he was there to relieve him.  Not knowing anything about being relieved Michael told him he thought that perhaps he was supposed to be at the other rig just down the road.  He left and headed that way and Michael called our supervisor to let him know and was told, that yes he was in the wrong place.

  • I ran my errands and when I was almost home I got a call from our service tech letting me know that Michael was being relieved because he was wearing Crocs and was told by the Company Man not too.  I was shocked as I’d never heard anything from Michael about not being able to wear Crocs.  He was being moved to another location and would start the next night at midnight and work until noon.  I hung up quite confused and since I was on the road to the rig I just went there to talk with Michael.  When I got there he was as confused as I was and said no one had ever said anything to him about not wearing Crocs.
  • My little road runner friend was back on the roof of the camper next door and I captured this ghost-like pic!

    My little road runner friend was back on the roof of the camper next door and I captured this ghost-like pic!

    Michael called and spoke with the sales person (what I was told to do if we had any questions about the move) explaining to her that no one had ever spoken to him about wearing Crocs and if they had, he wouldn’t have been wearing them any longer.  She didn’t say much other than he should call our supervisor and talk with him….which he did.  He ended up going back and forth between the 2 of them for most of the afternoon.  The last word from them was that he would have off Tuesday & Wednesday (he had doctors appointments on Wednesday) and they would hopefully have a gate for him on Thursday.

  • In the mean time the oil company safety guy came in and Michael explained to him that he would be leaving and the reason he was given for being removed from the gate.  The safety guy told him he didn’t care if he was wearing Crocs…he could wear flip-flops for all he cared.  The ended their conversation and the safety guy went on to the rig.  When he came out he stopped and told Michael not to worry, he wasn’t going anywhere as he’d just called the saleswoman and requested that he stay.  He did say it might be a few days but he’d be back.
  • What a drama filled day!  With all that in mind and being under the impression that he was off of work until Thursday we decided to go to San Antonio for a little R&R.

Tuesday 4/7

  • A HUGE breakfast to start the day!

    A HUGE breakfast to start the day!

    We started our day by having breakfast at Barth’s in Kenedy before continuing on to San Antonio. We were given so much food that much of what was on our plates was left behind.  It was nice to enjoy breakfast together after such a long time of not being able to.

  • We made several stops shopping for clothes for the cruise and just summer in general – it’s been a long time since we’ve replenished our wardrobe and it was needed.
  • Michael treated me to my favorite cuisine (Chinese!) for lunch.  We went back to King Buffet as it’s good and was also close to our hotel.  We’ve been there before and it’s probably one of the better buffets we’ve tried – large selection, fresh and nice atmosphere.
  • We got confirmation late in the afternoon that Michael would be going back to work on Thursday morning, “Same gate, same hours, same everything.”  Still don’t know what the whole thing was about but do know that there were some ‘untruths’ told (not on our part) and our impression of the company we work for has diminished quite a bit and if we weren’t quite so dependent on the income, things would be different.
  • We got a chance to do one of our favorite things…go to the movie theater and watch a movie!  We chose “Insurgent” a sequel to “Divergent“.  Michael wasn’t a big fan but I enjoyed it.  We were both ready for the movie to be over by the end though as it was COLD in the theater!  LOL
  • We picked up a $5 pizza from Little Caesars on the way to the hotel, got checked in, got settled in our room and were lying on the bed eating pizza shortly after 8:00 pm.  It was a long day but nice as it was spent together.

Wednesday 4/8

  • This was the second day in a row to not wake up to an alarm clock and it was wonderful!
  • We partook of the continental breakfast before checking out and setting out for the day.  Not the greatest breakfast but it did the job.
  • Michael’s first appointment was at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital to see a chiropractor about his lower back and neck.  He’d had x-rays taken several weeks ago and the chiropractor was honest and told him that there was nothing that he could do with his back, but he did issue him a TENS Unit that is used as nerve stimulation and hopefully will help reduce some of his pain.  The TENSs Unit should also help with his neck and shoulder pain.  He also gave him an arm band type thing to help with what he’s calling ‘tennis elbow’ (broken elbow, twice, many years ago) and some heel supports to help with his flat feet (thanks to all those years in Army boots!).  Since we won’t be in the area for him to visit the Chiropractor he is providing him with 11 vouchers that can be used at any Chiropractor for his neck and shoulders ONLY…not to touch his back at all.
  • Yummy JJs!

    Yummy JJs!

    By the time he was done at the VA Hospital it was lunch time and we used our ‘Around Me’ app and found a Jimmy John’s right around the corner.  (Love that app!)  We really enjoy a good sandwich and JJ’s has one.  Thanks goes to our son, Zack, who discovered JJ’s while attending Marquette University in Milwaukee several years ago…ugh he graduated from college 6 years ago already!  EEK!

  • The next appointment was with his primary care provider, more of a follow up than anything.  She made sure that he had new prescriptions for all of his medicines and then said she didn’t need to see him again until January (1 year from his initial visit) unless he had issues and needed to see her.  She did also say that he could start going to the VA clinic in Beeville rather than traveling to the northwest side of San Antonio too.  Beeville is only about 35 miles from the area that we’re normally in so it would be much more convenient.
  • We headed home after his appointment wrapped up…it’s about an hour and a half drive.  We stopped and picked up our mail and then at Agave Jalisco to enjoy our last meal out.  We like this little Mexican place – the servers are friendly and helpful and the food is good and authentic.
  • We got home just before 6:00 pm, unpacked, watched a little TV but ended up calling a night fairly early so that we were ready for 5:00 am when it came.



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