Roadrunner, Birds, Deer And Cows In The Distance

Posted by on April 4, 2015

Thursday 4/2

Was sitting in my recliner when I happened to see this little guy through the window...running around on the top of the camper next door!

Was sitting in my recliner when I happened to see this little guy through the window…running around on the top of the camper next door!

A fairly quiet day spent making various appointments.  We each have an appointment to have our teeth cleaned here in Kenedy.  We went to this dental clinic last year and both liked it there so figured we’d go back.

I also made myself an appointment to see our doctor in San Antonio to have some blood work done and to have my prescriptions refilled.  When I saw him last May he wanted me to get a mammogram done…which I didn’t…so I set up an appointment to have that done the same day I see him.


Comfort food in honor of my Aunt

I made a Cornish hen for dinner – we split one as they’re quite large.  When I was growing up my aunt used to have my dad and I over for dinner on Thursday nights and this was one of the meals she made and has since been one of my favorites….Cornish hen stuffed with rice, augraten potatoes, french cut green beans and dinner rolls.

Friday 4/3

Busy day today.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, made a batch of brownies and made breakfast (bacon, eggs, biscuits & gravy) for Saturday morning as well as cooked up some link sausage for Sunday morning and to put in the freezer for easy future breakfasts.

Rice and food coloring...who'da thought??

Rice and food coloring…who’da thought??

I plan to make some deviled eggs for Easter dinner so I hard-boiled some today.  I had no intention of coloring any but remembered seeing an easy dying method on Facebook and decided to try it out.  All it entailed was putting rice in a cup along with some food coloring.  Add the hard-boiled egg to the mixture, mix it around and voila!  Turns out pretty cool!

Scrub a dub dub....

Scrub a dub dub….

My biggest chore was to wash the coach.  When we had someone wash it back in December/January while we were in Arkansas he didn’t do a really good job of removing the waxing compound and there were several areas where it was gobbed on and left to sit.  I was afraid that it might have hurt the paint job but after taking a stiff brush to those areas it came off just fine.  Whew!

I still have one area on the off-door side that has some of the compound on it but it was too high for me to reach without the ladder, which is in the truck.

I also want to wash the windows but that will need a ladder too.  Hopefully, I can finish up on Sunday or Monday.

While washing the coach I noticed a bird coming out from under the hitch a couple of times.  It was too dark to see inside and I wasn’t about to put my hand inside to see what I found.  I also didn’t want to mess around the area too much and get dive bombed by an ‘Angry Bird’.  I’ll let Michael do the investigating!

Our neighbors (3 campers with about 5 or 6 guys that work for Strike) are all gone this weekend.  They worked last Sunday so that they could have today (Good Friday) off which gives them a nice 3 day weekend.  Makes for a very quiet Park(ing lot)….not that they’re noisy anyway.

The holiday made for a quiet day for Michael too.  He probably didn’t have more than 20 vehicles all day. He said he almost had more cows go by than vehicles!

Saturday 4/5

Michael and I decided that he needed some time off so I was back in the shack again today.

Jeremy reported a quiet night.  Not much more than a dozen vehicles during his 12 hour shift.

Casing trucks waiting

Casing trucks waiting

By 8:30 am I had more vehicles than Michael had all day yesterday!  The biggest reason for that was that it was time for casing to come in.  11 truck loads arrived by 8:15 am but they ended up having to sit and wait for over an hour until the forklift got here to unload them.  Seems the scheduled driver of the forklift called in sick and a guy had to come in on his day off.

Once the last casing truck pulled out the traffic really slowed down although I still had 79 vehicles. My numbers have increased each day I have worked.   What’s up with that??  Must just be that they know that I can handle the traffic!  LOL  I’ll just bet with Easter tomorrow both Michael and Jeremy won’t have much traffic to deal with.

1 of my 4 deer visitors

1 of my 4 deer visitors

The biggest highlight of my day was to see 4 deer in the grassy area next to the lease road.  Wish they would have come a little closer so I could have gotten some better pictures but I’ll take what I can get.

Michael says that every day around 4:30 or 5:00 he has a herd of cows walk mosey on by the shack.  This was my third day working at the shack and I still have yet to see a single cow.  I think he’s imagining things!  **They did finally show up about 5:30 way down at the end of the lease road.

For dinner all Michael had to do was heat up some chili I’d taken out of the freezer.  Combine that with Fritos, shredded cheese and sour cream and dinner is served.  We ate dinner in our recliners while watching a DVR’d show on the TV.  We usually only get to watch one show per night so the DVR was getting pretty full for a while.  Now that the season finale of many shows has aired we’ve been able to clean up the DVR a little more.

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