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On To The Next Phase…Drill Out

Most of the supporting crews were gone by 9:00 pm last night.  But the majority of the Halliburton crew didn’t pull out until about 2:00 am.  But then there were the transport trucks and flowback trucks that were in and out throughout the night so Michael was definitely busy. While all the trucks were staging on … Continue reading »

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Rain, Rain, More Rain And The End Of The Frac

Saturday 3/7 Since the frac was still shut down Friday night Michael had a nice quiet evening….NO sand trucks and roughly 7 vehicles after the 6:00 pm shift change. My morning started off quiet as I didn’t have any traffic for roughly the first hour and a half and then the 6:00 am shift change … Continue reading »

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An Old Friend And A New Opportunity

Thursday 3/5 The wind rocked us all night long.  It used to be I couldn’t sleep with the wind blowing so hard but I guess I’ve just gotten used to it and I have no problem sleeping anymore. The wind was blowing so much that Michael brought the off-door slide in and even closed the … Continue reading »

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Slip Sliddin’ Away…

Monday 3/2 The mud is making the roads quite slick.  One of the sand truck drivers slipped on the steps of his truck and hurt his knee.  After resting on the staging pad for a while he drove off and he hasn’t been back…hoping he’s ok. Another sand truck slid off the road down by … Continue reading »

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This Girl Loves Rocks!

It rained overnight (Saturday) leaving goopy sloppy mud and big puddles.  The guys are really good about driving right up to our pea gravel so we don’t have to venture into the very slippery mess, risking falling and getting hurt. Josh, the site supervisor, ordered more rock to be put down on the road in front … Continue reading »

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