Establishing A Routine & A Birthday

Posted by on March 30, 2015
Michael took this awesome pic on his drive home one day.  Love the duck!

Michael took this awesome pic on his drive home one day. Love the duck!

Days are starting to become routine.  We get up about 5:00 am and I get Michael’s lunch box (breakfast, lunch and snacks) together while he gets ready.  He leaves about 5:40 am for his long strenuous 9 tenths of a mile drive.  He gets back home anywhere from 5:50 to 6:05ish…just depending on when Jeremy relieves him.

We eat dinner soon after he gets home and usually watch 1 TV show from the DVR….sometimes 2 just depends.  We usually retire to the bedroom between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm….sometimes watching TV in bed, sometimes just reading or perusing Facebook.  The light usually goes off somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00 pm.

Our cruise is rapidly approaching and the kids and us have gotten some more arrangements out of the way.  The kids will need a hotel room the night before we board the ship and they made those reservations last week for a hotel near the RV park we’ll be staying in.

While they worked on those reservations I worked on getting a rental car reserved for the day before and the day that we board as well as the day we get back.  With 10 of us (4 in car seats) our truck isn’t quite big enough (unless we toss everyone in the bed of the truck) so another vehicle that can hold 5 people was in order.  There’s only one car rental business on Galveston Island so we didn’t have to over think it. I got it done and now we’re pretty much good to go.

I also ordered the soda packages for Michael and I as well as bottled water that will be in our room when we board.  Nice to have that out of the way too.

Same drawer front but entirely new box

Same drawer front but entirely new box

Michael was finally able to finish building the drawer that goes beneath our refrigerator.  He ended up taking it to ‘the office’ with him along with the tools that he needed and just finished it there.  It turned out beautiful and works great!

Ice, ice baby!

Ice, ice baby!

Last summer we developed a leak in the ice maker line so we turned it off until we could get it fixed.  Last fall when we had refrigerator problems we also had them fix the ice maker line, however since we had ‘icky’ gate guard water flowing through the lines we didn’t want to try it out and make sure it was actually working properly and there were no leaks.

Since Michael sanitized the lines now and we have full hook ups we figured now was a good time to turn the ice maker on and see if it works and pray that there were no leaks.  Thankfully, we have ice….and NO leaks!  Woohoo!

Before the move...

Before the move…

While the average weekend is a little quieter at the gate…this weekend was a bit of an exception.  Since they reached total depth on the first well on Wednesday and completed the rest of the work needed it was time to move the rig so they could start on the next well.

After the move... (use the power pole to help you judge the distance it moved)

After the move… (use the power pole to help you judge the distance it moved)

This rig is a ‘crawler’ meaning that it moves on its own to the next well…sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, hey?  I don’t think they’re intended to ‘crawl’ great distances but this time it moved about 10 feet or so.

They moved on Sunday and were supposed to ‘spud in‘ (The very beginning of drilling operations of a new well) later on that day but I guess they had some issues with one of the pumps and didn’t actually get started until today.  Once they get started it’ll be roughly 3 weeks before they complete the second well.

Today happens to be my 49th birthday.  I received phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and even a video message to help me celebrate my day.  Technology is SO awesome.

I drove Michael to work and then went to Yorktown for kolaches and donuts…what better birthday breakfast??  I took them back to Michael and we enjoyed breakfast together.

A few hours later I made a run into Kenedy for groceries and mail.  We’d gotten a couple of notifications from the UPS Store that we had a couple of packages waiting to be picked up and the kids had told me that I should be getting a package from the four of them on Friday.

Old vs. New

Old vs. New

My gift was, indeed, waiting for me at the UPS Store!  A brand new Kindle Paperwhite!  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  I’ve had my current Kindle since May of 2009 and it’s become my best friend (2nd to Michael of course!)…it goes with me everywhere.  I panic if for some reason it ‘crashes’ (which it’s done 3 times in nearly 6 years).  The thought of a new Kindle kinda sent me over the edge and I actually cried in the parking lot thinking about not using it anymore.  Oh my!

But…setting my fears aside I took the shiny new one out of the box and checked it out for a few minutes before finishing my errands.  The kids also invested in an awesome purple cover to keep it nice and purty!  My purple trend continues…glasses, cup, phone cover, tablet cover and now Kindle cover!

All ready to go!

All ready to go!

I found it very easy to use – to retrieve the hundreds of books I have downloaded to my ‘old’ Kindle, to turn pages, to change font size, to look up a word in the dictionary, etc.  It has a built in light that I’m anxious to see how well it works tonight while I read in bed.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have the ‘Text to Speech’ option that my ‘old’ Kindle has…in other words it won’t read out loud to me.  I use that option most every day when I make the bed, do laundry or other chores around the house.  I’ve even used it while driving.  So my ‘old’ Kindle will stay in my possession until the day it dies so that it can read to me while I do the above mentioned tasks.  Most likely I’ll have IT read a different book to me from what i’m actually reading on the ‘new’ Kindle as I’ve found it too hard to sync two different Kindle products to the same spot in a book.

Lunch with my best Pal

Lunch with my best Pal

While in town I picked up Subway sandwiches for Michael and I and I brought them back to ‘the office’ and we enjoyed lunch together too!  We’ve both been so spoiled since he’s retired being able to spend so much time together than it’s hard when he’s gone all day so we enjoy the little things like having lunch together. must be destiny!

49…it must be destiny!

For my birthday dinner we went to Dairy Queen in Yorktown.  Nothing fancy but yummy and good  since it was shared with my bestie.  Then even got mini blizzards to go!  Darned if we weren’t given number 49 while we waiting for our food….what a coincidence!!

It’s been an awesome day…the only way it could be better would have been if I could have spent it with all 8 1/3 of my babies.



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